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IQmagic Enhanced Financial Reporting

The Enhanced Financial Reporting (EFR) is natively built with Acumatica and designed to provide quick, automated and efficient deployment and maintenance of ARM reports that are fully reconcilable and look professional. The EFR enhances the standard ARM functionality of Acumatica and reduces report building times from hours to minutes by providing the ability to define a tree-style group structure (Group Set). By selecting a report format (Report Style) it automatically builds ARM reports (Row Sets). Predefined report structures and styles come with the product to have you up and running in no time.

• Reduces time to build financial ARM reports from hours to minutes
• Effortlessly create professional looking financial reports
• Allows non-technical users to build and edit financial ARM reports
• Preconfigured reports and components allowing rapid deployment
• Improved usability, speed and quality of financial ARM reports
• Seamlessly enhances standard ARM report building functionality

EFR product extends the Acumatica ARM report functionality with the ability to:
• Define visually a report structure on Report Group Sets for financial ARM reports allowing tree-style group structure containing Account Classes.
• Define a report format on Report Styles for the generated Row Set rows such as indentation, lines, row spacing, etc.
• Import preset data included with the product code (Styles, Group Sets, Report Classes and pre-built ARM reports) allowing rapid deployment.
• Optionally define report classes on Report Classes to limit Account Classes in selectors when building Report Groups and to restrict selection of incompatible Report Definition elements (Row Sets, Columns Sets and Unit Sets).

Acumatica Certified Application
  • 2022 R1, 2021 R2, 2021 R1
  • Always Current
Industry Served
Cross industries
Benefits for Your Business

Key features

  • Realtime automatic report building
  • Dynamic Row Set generation
  • Visual ARM Report structure builder
  • Multilevel report tree builder using Group Sets
  • Predefined and customizable ARM Report Styles
  • Report Style editor defining formatting by reporting level
  • Predefined suite of standard financial ARM reports
  • Predefined Report Definitions, Columns Sets and Row Sets
  • Reconciliation checks
  • Account Class completeness warnings
  • Report Classes increasing usability and integrity
  • Account Class selectors on ARM components

About IQmagic Software Pty Ltd

Founded in 2020, IQmagic specialises in software development for add-on products within the Acumatica Framework.
Our highly skilled and experienced team have a vast amount of knowledge of the Acumatica framework and build software to the highest of standards.
We are a certified ISV of Acumatica and build natively integrated solutions.
Our products are designed and built specifically for Acumatica abiding by the Acumatica standards.
Our approach to development is unique in that we combine a functional and technical architect to every aspect of the product lifecycle ensuring a highly useable yet technically robust product.




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