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The Hybris-Acumatica connector links SAP Hybris with Acumatica Cloud ERP to ensure near real-time synchronization of the commercial data, automate data exchange and product information management, streamline data entry and provide a single version of the truth. The connector seamlessly integrates SAP Hybris and Acumatica ERP providing bidirectional synchronization of all the data about products, inventory, prices, customers and orders. With the help of synchronization, users eliminate the need for repetitive manual data entry, instead they input data into Acumatica or Hybris and get the updated information in both platforms.

The Hybris-Acumatica connector transforms Acumatica ERP into a Master Data Management (MDM) platform for ecommerce solutions based on SAP Hybris. Being a Single Source of Truth (SSOT), Acumatica ERP aggregates the up-to-date information about goods, customers and orders. It ensures data consistency and integrity across the whole commerce ecosystem, eliminates errors, duplicates in data and provides a unified database of the commercial data.

Recognized as a leader by Gartner for digital commerce, SAP Hybris platform covers the entire range of omnichannel B2B and B2C sales and fulfillment needs. Supplemented with the Hybris-Acumatica connector, the platform provides a unified customer experience across channels, ensures real-time availability of inventory data and its timely distribution to responsible employees, streamlines order management, helps analyze customers’ real-time behavior and deliver personalized customer care at every touch point.

The Hybris-Acumatica connector allows for easily installation and configuration with RESTful API available out-of-the-box. Being a SAP Hybris extension, it takes a set of the platform advantages, but still can function independently from SAP Hybris version updates. Although the connector ensures an automated data exchange between two platforms, its architecture allows for manual customizations. It helps cover complex custom business processes by creating and modifying additional entities, adapting data integration workflows to fit specific needs.

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Key features

  • Provides integration between Acumatica ERP and SAP Hybris

  • Identifies Acumatica ERP as a single source of truth (SSOT)

  • Automates near real-time data synchronization

  • Supports customization and modification of an integration process

  • Ensures data synchronization about main entities

  • Automatically converts units

About iTransition

Itransition is a global provider of digital solutions and IT services. We deliver software solutions to large, medium-sized, and startup companies working in a range of industries and vertical markets. Considering Retail & eCommerce one of our key industry-specific service areas, we invest significant time and effort into enriching our industry offering, implement tailored software solutions, including those based on SAP Hybris, covering the entire range of commerce cycle operations.
Being an Acumatica partner, Itransition delivers enterprise software solutions based on Acumatica ERP platform, builds industry-specific extensions to the core functionality, provides training and support of Acumatica solutions.

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