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Itransition Inc

Being an Acumatica partner with certified Acumatica business consultants, technical specialists and implementation managers on board, Itransition provides consulting and development services on top of the Acumatica ERP platform. We help you leverage commerce, manufacturing, distribution, business intelligence, financial and customer management capabilities of Acumatica ERP platform.
From single modules to full ERP functionality, we deliver solution implementation, customization and support, create custom connectors, and integrate Acumatica ERP with your data and existing software. Depending on your needs and industry specifics, we create tailored solutions, configuring platform built-in functionality, developing custom modules and workflows, and integrating Acumatica with third-party software systems.

Tailored ERP solutions
Being both developers and consultants, we start with evaluating your challenges and existing workflows. Then, we map Acumatica ERP functionality to the defined needs, suggest optimal platform options, and configure ERP solution tailored to your needs.
When out-of-the-box solution can’t do the job, we extend the existing functionality of Acumatica ERP platform with custom features and workflows, integrate it with third-party applications and create extensions to the core functionality.

Seamless integration
Itransition ensures end-to-end integration of Acumatica-based solutions with corporate systems and infrastructure to ensure data interchange across multiple processes and databases, connect cloud platform with on-premises solutions and establish fault-tolerant architecture.

Development approach
With solid experience in software development, including expertise with various enterprise platforms, we bring continuous integration and delivery, code review and quality assurance into Acumatica platform implementation, configuration and customization projects.

Key features

  • Business process automation
  • End-to-end solution implementation
  • Customization of built-in Accumatica ERP functionality
  • Industry-specific functionality and extensions
  • Development of custom modules
  • Integration with third-party software
  • Continuous delivery implementation
  • Quality assurance throughout a project

Industry Served

  • Cross industries

About Itransition Inc

Itransition is a global provider of digital solutions and IT services. Combining our technology expertise and platform-based knowledge, we deliver software solutions to large, medium-sized, and startup companies working in a range of industries and vertical markets.
At Itransition, we invest significant time and effort into enriching our industry offerings, including Retail & Wholesale, Telecom, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Construction, ISV, by continuous monitoring of industry-specific news, investigation and testing of emerging technologies and discovering solutions to clients’ challenges.

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