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K3S Advanced Inventory Optimization

K3S-Replenish is a web-based inventory replenishment software for warehouses that has proven to help wholesalers reduce inventory and increase fill rates. By monitoring every product in your warehouse, every day, K3S lets you know as soon as it is time to place an order so you are able to acheive the high service levels your customers demand.

Our advanced demand forecast is able to spot any trends in your product demand and change the suggested orders to account for them. This means higher service levels on items where demand is increasing, and less overstock when demand falls. In addition, seasonal items are accounted for so that as you enter the peak season, inventory is in the warehouse. When you are leaving the peak, K3S wil automatically cut back the orders so your buyers don't have to!

Do you have fresh items or other products you order and receive multiple times each week? The proprietary daily forecast in K3S is able to account for demand fluctuations throughout the week meaning less spoilage and prodces the highest inventory turns of any software package available while ensuring incredibly high fill rates.

Is K3S-Replenish right for your products? You can find out by scheduling a breif consultation with one of our experts at www.k3s.com.

Benefits for Your Business

Key features

  • Demand Forecasting
  • Lead Time Forecasting
  • Order Cycle Analysis
  • Automated order building
  • Diverter purchasing
  • Automated Forward Buys
  • Order fulfillment
  • Safety stock calculations
  • Hub and spoke transfers
  • Overstock transfers between locations
  • Easily manage hold-outs
  • Superior Training and Support

About k3S

Since 1990, K3S has worked with wholesalers to help them fill more orders with less inventory while dramatically reducing the labor involved in purchasing. We combine a unique blend of software and superior service to ensure our clients get the most out of our tools.


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