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An essential component included in Acumatica Commerce Edition, Kensium Product Configurator enables you to configure, bundle, and group products. It also gives you the option to offer downloadable and virtual products through Acumatica. These products are available on your sales and purchase order screens, allowing sales personnel to easily create orders.

Product Configurator enables you to manage the following types of products.

Configurable products: Increase product options

This type of product is ideal for businesses that sell variations of a single product. You can choose from characteristics such as color, size, and style, and easily separate each variation of an item with its own SKU. Regardless of the details of the chosen product, it will be handled as a single inventory item from order placement to delivery.

Bundled products: Let customers build it

A bundled product allows customers to make their own purchasing decisions within a set of parameters that you define. This type of product can be used when customers are purchasing items such as customizable gift baskets or electronic devices. Even if an item is bundled with others, it will still be treated as a single item by your inventory system.

Grouped products: Determine item bundles

Grouped products consist of an item assortment chosen by the merchant. For instance, a desktop computer with a monitor or a bedroom furniture set including a bedframe and nightstand would constitute a grouped product. Similar to bundled products, items included in product groupings are treated by your system as if they were sold individually.

Downloadable products: Fulfill orders immediately

This is a digital product that you provide to customers directly after the purchase.

VIRTUAL – Provide assurance or services

This category includes extended warranties, subscriptions, and other non-tangible products.

Key features

  • Create configurable, grouped, bundled, virtual, and downloadable products
  • Modify existing products in Acumatica
  • Simplify inventory management
  • Synchronize changes to appear on your eCommerce website

Benefits for Your Business

Product Configurator for Acumatica

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