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Real-time Financial Planning and Analysis

Automate your planning, forecasting and reporting process with a leading integrated planning solution. Limelight is designed for finance users in manufacturing, distribution, construction, professional services and other industries who want to streamline their FP&A processes, make data-driven decisions and integrate planning to drive results.

Infuse automation and analytical power into your FP&A. Limelight allows you to transcend the limits of manual planning so you can quickly and easily create more detailed plans across all your departments. Our solution enables your team to create faster forecasts, identify potential performance gaps before they occur, and make resource allocation decisions in real-time. Limelight is designed with innovative features to let you drill down into your data to examine alternative courses of action and understand how your decision will impact the company and its bottom line.

Get these features and more on a Web-based, distributed planning solution that enables team participation anytime, anywhere. Bring your team and data together in one connected platform that is easy to use and adopt. We directly integrate with Acumatica and provide users with a single source of truth to expedite planning and reporting. Have your team spend less time correcting and consolidating spreadsheets and more time analyzing.

Acumatica Certified Application
  • 2020 R2
Industry Served
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Benefits for Your Business

Key features

  • Fully integrates with Acumatica Cloud ERP with bi-directional data synching
  • Integrates with all leading Payroll and HR systems for up-to-date headcount data
  • Centralize multiple source systems for a streamlined and secured flow of data
  • Ability to quickly drill down to transactional detail from any report or statement
  • Create, view, and analyze dynamic reports on-demand
  • Collaborate on one trusted platform to get work done faster
  • Increase visibility and control through automated workflows
  • Automated data consolidations and reconciliations

About Limelight Software

Limelight is a modern financial budgeting, planning, and reporting platform that is quick to deploy and easily managed by finance and business users. Our web-based application is accessible anywhere and on any device. Data from your Acumatica Cloud ERP is seamlessly integrated into Limelight, allowing for in-depth and collaborative FP&A processes to be achieved in record time.

With advanced reporting and dashboard capabilities, you can get a holistic view of your organization’s financial health, see trends in expenses and profitability by project or business units, and drill-through to transaction-level detail with a single click. Become even more digitally resilient by pairing Acumatica with Limelight, and realize the future of your business goals, today.


The Smarter Way to Excel
The Power of Combining Limelight with your ERP
Headcount Planning with Limelight


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