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In a highly mobile, global community, being able to access information from pretty much anywhere, anyhow, is no longer a nice to have, but an essential asset that Nectari makes available to the Acumatica community right out of the box. With the added flexibility that both its Cloud and on-premise capabilities bring to the table, you’ll wonder why you never considered this tool before!

Our customizable platform integrates within Acumatica or can be used as a standalone platform that allows you to visualize, analyze, and report on aspects of your business you didn’t even know were possible! This user-friendly tool arrives with pre-defined market KPI’s, reports, analytics, and so much more! The only customization option limits of this platform are those of your own imagination.

Calling Nectari a data management tool or a BI solution would be to downplay the complexity of everything it can do – it’s a veritable ‘know it all’ tool that’ll allow your teams to reach new levels of awareness you never thought possible.

Partnered with Nectari’s impressive BI Solution, Acumatica users will be amazed at how quickly and efficiently their business operations will improve. User-friendly reporting and analysis improved productivity, forecasting, efficient identification and implementation of KPI’s along with maximum team efficiency is sure to bring any business to whole new level of efficiency!

Redefining the BI Universe through Limitless Possibilities.

Acumatica Certified Application
2018 R2
Industry Served:
All industries

Key features

  • One Platform

  • Fast and Efficient ROI

  • Real Time Data Model

  • Data Management & Consolidation

  • Powerful Dashboards

  • Pre-Built Templates

  • Hundreds of pre-built KPI’s

  • Safe, secure, simple, smart collaboration

  • OLAP and Data Warehousing

  • Seamless Integration within your solution

  • Powerful Excel Add-In

  • Efficient Transformation & Seamless Migration

Benefits for Your Business

About Nectari Software

You can be sure that you’re getting the utmost in terms of BI when you’re working with a solution born from some of the most brilliant minds who’ve been serving the tech industry worldwide for over 25 years. When they created Nectari, their collective vision was to empower data for all types of businesses, regardless of their existing software architecture. Being able to take raw information and create common vision is but a sliver of what can be done.


Undoubtedly, Nectari is one of the most innovative BI solutions available on the global market today – It is Redefining the BI Universe through Limitless Possibilities. 

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