OANDA Exchange Rates API
OANDA - OANDA Exchange Rates API

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2018 R2

Companies that transact with international currencies require accurate exchange rates to operate their businesses. OANDA is the gold standard data source used and trusted by corporations, auditors, tax authorities, and government agencies around the world.

Using OANDA’s Exchange Rates API, finance, accounting, and treasury professionals automate their data upload processes, avoid painful manual data entry, reduce errors and save time.

Key features

  • 200+ currencies, commodities, and precious metals
  • Historical data back to 1990
  • 25+ Central bank exchange rates
  • 38,000 currency pairs
  • Bid, ask, mid-point for daily, weekly, quarterly, annual and custom periods
  • Real-time spot rates and forward rates are also available upon request

Benefits for Your Business

Industry Served

  • Cross industries


OANDA has been the leader in foreign exchange for over 20 years and its proprietary trading platform processes billions of dollars in transactions on a daily basis. As a market maker, OANDA has access to real-time FX transaction data from all major participants in the interbank market. We support the most comprehensive set of currency exchange rates data in an easily consumable API, which makes OANDA the gold-standard data source for multinational corporations, auditors, and governmental agencies.

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