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PAYA Credit Card Processing Integration

Paya, a Nuvei company and certified by Acumatica, offers a comprehensive solution for card and ACH (electronic check) payments. Deeply integrated into Acumatica, our user-friendly commerce offerings bring your business a modern, easy-to-use, payment acceptance solution.

Streamline your financial operations by digitizing your invoicing process and securely accepting credit cards and electronic checks, all through a single provider. This consolidated approach eradicates inefficiencies and minimizes data entry errors that often arise when working across multiple systems. Settlement data is auto-synced daily for easy bank account reconciliation and all billing and payment details automatically update when paid. Accelerate time to cash with all things payments all in one place, enable faster payment cycles and easily add next day funding and receive deposits as soon as the next business day.

Plus with Paya's Advanced Accounts Receivable Platform, (Click2Pay) Speed up your quote to cash process and get paid faster. Featuring both payment links and a robust payment portal, businesses can modernize payment collection. And, best of all Click2Pay seamlessly connects to Acumatica with bi-directional, real-time invoicing and sales support.

Adding Paya's integrated payments solution is simple and straightforward. Upgrade today to a modern, more efficient, and highly secure payment solution. Let's get started.

Acumatica Certified Application
  • Fulfilled by ISV
  • Built on Acumatica xRP Platform
Industry Served
Cross industries

Key features

  • Credit Card Processing
  • Integrated ACH
  • AR Solution & Customer Portal
  • PCI Compliance
  • Rate Optimization with Level 3 Processing
  • Fee Recovery Programs
  • Simplified Multi-Location Support
  • Integrated Terminals with EMV Chip, Card Present Transactions
  • Tokenized Card Information to Expedite Future and Recurring Payments
  • Never Miss a Payment with Card Account Updater
  • Dynamic Discounting, Notifications, and Dunning
  • Get Paid Faster with Next Day Funding
  • Brandable Portal, Documents, and Notifications
  • Pre-authorized payments in SO and Click2Pay
  • Available in the US and Coming Soon to Canada!

About Paya, Inc.

At Paya, a Nuvei company, we’re bringing payments up to speed. Our future-proof technology allows businesses to accept cutting-edge payment options, optimize new revenue streams, and get the most out of their stack. We believe in turning payment barriers into accelerants, propelling your business forward with tailored solutions.

As an Acumatica certified partner for integrated payments in the US, we have enabled thousands of Acumatica users to optimize billing and invoice processes, deliver more payment options and flexibility to their customers, and improve back-office efficiencies. Experience the difference our deeply rooted ERP expertise and technology has to offer.



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Customer Reviews

Moccia, Melody
Emery Winslow Scale Company
Excellent Customer Support
May 7th, 2021

Paya Credit Card Processing is a great companion product for Acumatica. Payment processing runs smoothly and integrates seamlessly, but when there are glitches, Paya's support is outstanding. They respond immediately to requests, understand Acumatica's software inside and out, and they stay with a project or issue until it is resolved. I never have to worry about following up because they remain in close touch while also working behind-the scenes to fix problems. They also provide stellar training as needed. Paya is an excellent choice for anyone processing credit card payments within Acumatica's ERP system.

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