Sales Promotions Management
PC Bennett Solutions - Sales Promotions Management

PC Bennett Solutions Natively built with Acumatica

Sales Promotions Management from PC Bennett Solutions provides an easy way to manage all the special deals you offer to your customers. Embedded in Acumatica, you can manage promotional pricing and discounts with flexible options that can turn on or off. Gain visibility of pricing options during the sales order processing in Acumatica ERP.

PC Bennett Solutions’ Sales Promotions Management is an add-on that will provide consistency and accuracy when selling to your customers

Key features

  • Unlimited promotions
  • Discount break points by quantity or amount
  • Per sales order or cumulative within the promo period
  • Discount options: Reduced price, per unit discount, & discount %
  • Discounts optionally applied on top of existing Acumatica discounts
  • May include giving away free or reduced-price items

Industry Served

About PC Bennett Solutions

PC Bennett Solutions helps companies of all sizes increase efficiency and profitability by implementing cutting-edge business management software. We are with you every step of the way and have all of the necessary resources to provide you with a system to manage your entire businesses from end to end.

We also serve other Acumatica partners complement their staff if needed. PC Bennett Partner Services provides Software development, implementation, and training help to other partners.

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