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2018 R2

Nectari is an innovative, comprehensive, simple to use Business Intelligence solution that is designed to provide Acumatica users an easy approach to analyzing and reporting on enterprise data, while increasing productivity and improving collaboration. Nectari’s Web, Mobile and Excel user interfaces include modern, intuitive navigation features that facilitate access to real-time dynamic information, often needed to make mission critical business decisions.

Nectari can be accessed standalone or from within Acumatica due to the seamless integration of the two solutions.  Users will access the many prebuilt visualizations (i.e. dashboards), analytical views and reports, while being able to modify them to their more specific needs.  The sharing of information is made easy with Nectari’s distribution module, enabling individuals, or a group of users, to schedule the running and distribution of visualizations and reports on a timely and secure basis. Advanced security settings can be configured at multiple levels, including user, group of users, a specific report or the data elements within an analysis or report.

Its web interface includes many intuitive and visual features, resulting in a user experience that is educational, enlightening and productive. Analyzing and reporting on enterprise data at the click of a button or the drag of a mouse delivers results that are timely and meaningful. The same navigation experience and results can be gained by working with Nectari from any mobile device.

A key and very popular feature is Nectari’s Excel Add-in which provides direct access real-time information from within Excel. Although any and multiple data sources can be accessed, the Excel Add-in is widely used for financial analysis and reporting, including multi-entity consolidation.

Nectari’s OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) standard function supports the processing of large, multi-dimensional volumes of data , computing complex analytical and ad-hoc queries quickly with lesser execution time. Ideal for consolidating, drilling down and slicing and dicing decision-making information.

Nectari for Acumatica helps companies standardize enterprise data analysis and reporting on a single BI solution, resulting in greater visibility of key metrics that will increase productivity and improve internal and external collaboration.

Key features

  • One Solution for enterprise-wide data
  • Rich pre-built templates
  • Multi data source access
  • Secure collaboration
  • Self-service and easy to use
  • Connect from any device
  • Data Consolidation
  • Data warehouse capabilities
  • Scalable and engineered for growth
  • real-time data access
  • budgeting and forecasting
  • Powerful dashboards

Benefits for Your Business

Industry Served

  • All industries

About Tangerine Software

Since 1992, Tangerine Software has been built on the principle of “making businesses better.” A leading provider of world-class enterprise software solutions, including various ERPs, Tangerine is also the developer of Nectari Business Intelligence, a solution sold by Business Partners from across the globe.

At Tangerine, we strongly believe that an organization’s success is reflective of the company it keeps, and we take great pride in our team of knowledgeable consultants, solid partnerships, and loyal customers. With a shared vision of success and appreciation for value-added expertise and industry knowledge, Tangerine boasts an unparalleled commitment to fostering long-term relationships

To date, we have implemented ERP solutions in over 100 small to large businesses across various industries. In addition, within five years of its global launch, Tangerine’s Nectari business has grown to over 1,300 customers worldwide.

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