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Uplevl - Document Management & Business Process Automation

Uplevl Connected with Acumatica

Uplevl offers Acumatica customers a variety of ways to digitize their AP-related documents and the processes surrounding them. Acumatica users and their vendors can upload, scan, email or fax in their invoices or other documents to Uplevl. Uplevl automatically indexes all the content on each page and pulls key information into data fields, minimizing manual data entry, and making it easy to find documents later. Once an invoice has gone through the appropriate approval process, it is sent to Acumatica via our API integration for the remainder of the payment process.

A link is automatically added to the AP bill in Acumatica, making it simple for Acumatica users to view the invoice when working in Acumatica. A history of every action taken on a document is automatically logged, creating an audit trail that is readily accessible. Uplevl also extends beyond AP to provide businesses a solution for all of their document management and processing –including contract management, human resource management, technical documentation, and collaborative writing.

Key features

  • Capture and group invoices and other documents
  • Find documents quickly with powerful indexing and search
  • Automate data entry and indexing
  • Improve your approval process with rules-based workflows
  • Track key metrics with Uplevl’s BI Dashboard
  • Push approved invoices to Acumatica, automatically entering relevant data

Benefits for Your Business

Industry Served

  • Cross industries

About Uplevl

UpLevl (formerly DocAssist) was founded in 2002 and was one of the first to offer a cloud document management solution as a subscription service. Since then, UpLevl has expanded its business process automation offerings, providing leading solutions for AP Automation, Contract Management, and Document Management.

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