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The Force Was Strong at Acumatica Summit 2016

There Has Been an Awakening. Have You Felt It?

Awaken the Force of ERP, Acumatica Summit 2016

Mint Jutras recently questioned whether cloud, mobile and social features, combined with rich analytical capabilities and broader and deeper functionality of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) could awaken the Force in your business. Next generation ERP has the potential to empower a business, amplifying human capabilities with added speed and improved reflexes. Yet while the Force is a universal power available to all, it is used by only a few.

This year’s Acumatica Summit, its largest ever, bringing together over 600 attendees, carried a very similar theme: Accelerate Business. Over the past 18 months Acumatica has been busy developing functionality, improving the connectivity and technology of its platform and engaging with its partners and customers. In other word…awakening the Force. And it has paid off big time. In that 18 months it has accelerated its own business, doubling its customers base from 1,000 to 2,000 companies. What have these new customers seen to draw them in?

Acumatica is doing all the right things to bring speed, flexibility, and adaptability to its customers and prospective customers. If you are a current Acumatica customer running on-premises, consider moving to a SaaS deployment. If you are not and want to accelerate your business…if you are in search of a new solution that can awaken the force in your company, you owe it to yourself to take a look at Acumatica.

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