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Can Next Generation ERP Awaken the Force? Part 1

“There Has Been an Awakening. Have You Felt it?”

Mint Jutras has been researching and writing about “next generation” Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for the past two years. Of course it is always fun to use metaphors relating enterprise software to Star Trek themes and to fantasize about exploring new worlds and boldly going “where no man has gone before.” Next generation ERP is faster, more technologically enabled and more in tune with the evolving needs of the galaxy.

Can Next Generation ERP Awaken the Force? Part 1

But in 2015, the release of the next installment of a different epic space opera franchise prompted us to ask, “Is the Force with you?” The Force, of Star Wars fame, allows Jedi to perform supernatural fears, and also amplifies human physical abilities with added speed and improved reflexes.

Can cloud, mobile or social features, combined with rich analytical capabilities and broader functionality, awaken the Force in your business? It would seem that the Force is a universal power available to all, but used by only a few.

This is Part 1 of a 3 part series examining the impact of new features and technology that can be applied to awaken the Force in your company. Read on to learn more!

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