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Bob Scott’s Insights Top 100 VARs 2016

A New Direction But So Many Choices

Bob Scott's Insights Top 100 VARs 2016

From the late 1980s on, the mid-market accounting software market operated in what became a standard pattern. Companies sold core accounting modules and provided support and usually some customizations. There was little variety in how they operated.

That model has fallen apart over the last few years as the Internet made large channels irrelevant by increasing the reach of resellers (VARS). Software has gotten more complicated; subscription pricing is racing through the market, replacing the license sale model, Resellers face the long predicted need to develop their own intellectual property as the software publishers crowd into what was once their market. And of course, there is the cloud.

The web has reduced the need for large channels; the difference between reseller and ISV is blurring and perhaps most important, the younger generations of business people that are running things often have very little interest in purchasing on-premises software. They live in world that’s not only cloud-first, it’s cloud only. This is the background for this year’s theme: A New Direction: But So Many Choices?”

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