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CRM Technology Value Matrix 1H 2016

The hotly-contested customer relationship management (CRM) market continues to be a moving target, with most leaders announcing significant product releases since the last Matrix.

CRM Technology Value Matrix 1H 2016

Service, sales, and marketing users all benefit from increasing investment in usability and functionality, with user experience (UX) a particular focus. The battle for leader is still very much waging between Microsoft, Oracle, and As industry capabilities and embedded intelligence became table stakes, vendors who invested in providing flexibility to the business user made the greatest advances.

Customer relationship management (CRM) continues to be a highly competitive market, with vendors accelerating release cadences, poaching executives, and
encouraging customer switching. This Matrix includes vendors that provide capabilities across the three core pillars of CRM – sales, marketing, and services:

  • Although commerce decisions are increasingly tied to marketing platform decisions, commerce capabilities are not included in the functionality evaluations of this Matrix.
  • It is clear that partner and product ecosystems also play an increasing role in customers’ CRM decisions; however, the rankings reflected here are based on
    organic functionality delivered by the vendor and not the overall strength or breadth of the ecosystem.

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