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Key ERP Functions: What Makes Acumatica Different?

Learn why “little things” make a big difference when you’re evaluating ERP systems.

What Makes Acumatica Different
“Don’t fall into the trap of thinking all ERP solutions are alike, or even similar today. Yes, fit and functionality remains important and an 80% fit is no longer the standard. You need to address that last mile of functionality. But it is wise to look beyond the typical checklist of features and functions.”

It’s a crowded ERP market. Vendors are having a tougher and tougher time differentiating themselves. But one vendor that’s focused on the most important ERP functions is standing out from the crowd.

According to Mint Jutras, that vendor is Acumatica. By providing the right combination of differentiators, Acumatica offers midsized companies a unique value proposition. Learn more in this free report.

In this Mint Jutras report, you’ll find out:

  • Four reasons why most ERP vendors look alike (no, it’s not just your imagination).
  • Which four key ERP functions help Acumatica stand out from the market.
  • Why 83% of new Acumatica customers are choosing subscription-based payment plans.
  • How to give your employees a virtual assistant that boosts their productivity.
  • Why Acumatica doesn’t try to meet all your ERP needs—and why that’s a good thing.

Don’t just focus on standard features. Find out about the ERP differentiators that can help you maximize your ROI from business software.

This report is offered by Acumatica, a leading provider of cloud business management software that gives mid-sized customers a complete, real-time view of their businesses—anytime, anywhere.

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