What Organizations Want in Accounting and Financial Software

For your own accounting and financial software selection project to be successful, you must carefully define your organization’s requirements before you begin evaluating potential solutions.

What Organizations Want in Accounting and Financial Software

Businesses considering investing in new accounting and financial software often make lists of “must have” features before deciding which product to purchase. Security, quality of performance, customization ability, and hosting options are all usually considered during the process.

According to a recent study from Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC), financial managers want accounting software to go beyond accounting transactions and quarterly reports to help make strategic decisions about the company’s future.

Download this report to learn what accounting software features organizations prize most, including:

  • Accounts receivable, which was requested by 64% of respondents
  • Web browser access, which 41% of respondents said was a top priority
  • The ability to be hosted on a Windows server environment, according to 64% of respondents

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