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101 Questions to Ask About Your Cloud Business Strategy: Free eBook from The York Group

Michaela Terrenzio | May 19, 2016

No matter what stage you’re in on your journey to integrate Cloud solutions into your business, you will have questions that look a lot like these:

  • What is the difference between public, private, and hybrid Clouds?
  • What types of Cloud solutions are most commonly used?
  • What are the differences between supporting Cloud clients and on-premise clients?
  • Should social media be part of our support program?

Before you make a decision about Cloud solutions that will impact your whole business, no matter the size, you deserve to have all 101 of your questions answered. This is why we’re recommending you download this free eBook from The York Group that will comprehensively explain the questions above (plus 97 more).

101 Questions to Ask About Your Cloud Business Strategy: Free eBook from The York Group

101 Questions to Ask About Your Cloud Business Strategy is a comprehensive compendium of the answers you’ve been looking for. (And you can get it in your inbox in under 60 seconds for free.) So whether you are beginning to research the complexities of incorporating Cloud solutions into your business or you already have an existing Cloud business model, you need to know more about how to maximize the Cloud to benefit you and your clients.

The eBook applies to small or medium-sized businesses, independent software vendors (ISV), and folks who want to learn about the pros and cons of SaaS, PaaS, or IaaS—or more abstract issues, too, like why it’s so difficult to get salespeople to focus on SaaS. (Short answer: Money.)

In the eBook, 50 pages of information are presented in a question and answer format that will tell you what you should know about aligning your business model with all of the changes that come from extending your solutions into the Cloud. Have questions about legal issues? Skip to question 94 to find out whether you need an End User License Agreement. Need to focus on marketing Cloud solutions? Read about the biggest change in marketing, finding SaaS buyers, and successful content marketing strategies in questions 48, 50, and 57. Or you might spend the most time in the first 10 questions about fundamentals, familiarizing yourself with the basic yet key elements that can impact your whole Cloud execution.

Regardless of your level of expertise, you will learn something new and helpful when you download 101 Questions to Ask About Your Cloud Business Strategy.

The good news is you’re far from alone in seeking information about the effects of opening the proverbial arms of your business to the Cloud. In the eBook’s introduction, the President and CEO of The York Group, Harald Horgen, writes, “We have worked with ISVs of all sizes, from early stage, funded companies to many of the world’s largest software vendors, and the issues that face all of them are remarkably similar.” The free eBook was designed to anticipate universal questions about Cloud business strategies and give valuable, straightforward answers.

Here at Acumatica, we’d love to answer any further question you have, as well as give you a free product tour of the Acumatica Cloud ERP Solution. Discover how Cloud ERP can increase your productivity and cash flow.

Have questions to add about the Cloud business strategy? Let us know in the comments!

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