3 Ways to Discover the Type of ERP Car for Your Business

Ray Rebello | January 26, 2016

Researching and acquiring an ERP software solution can be a confusing process for any company, but it is especially difficult for those that are new to the ERP market. The process of selecting and acquiring a new ERP system can be as challenging as the process of shopping for a new car. Like ERP software, cars come in different models, with different options, configurations, and resulting capabilities. Trying to define the most important criteria for the selection of the right vehicle is equally complex. What is most important – price, passenger capacity, fuel economy, safety? There are similarities to this process in researching and selecting an ERP software solution. Here are 3 ways to assist you and your business in finding the perfect “ERP car”.

3 Ways to Discover the Type of ERP Car for Your Business

Define Your Current and Future Needs

Just as you would not select a two seat roadster if you’re planning to start a family, you should not limit your criteria for an ERP solution to only the current needs of your business. Say you currently acquire or manufacture all your products through third party contractors. However, you want to start your own manufacturing operations in the future. You need to consider ERP vendors whose product suite provides support for manufacturing operations.  Likewise, if your business operates only in the domestic U.S. market but you envision expanding overseas in the future, your ERP solution should include multi-entity, multi-currency, and multi-language features to accommodate such an expansion. Plan for the future, today. I can’t emphasize this enough.

Don’t limit your criteria for an ERP solution to the current needs of your business. Plan for the future, today.

Do Your Homework and Take a Test Drive

Today, there are many independent, reliable resources, which can provide objective information regarding virtually all motor vehicles. These websites are provided by government agencies, various consumer publications, and reports compiled by independent testing laboratories. The same is true for ERP and CRM software. There are a number of IT research firms which periodically issue summaries of software products (including ERP/CRM) and give rankings of software vendors. Utilize this public information and do your research accordingly.

When searching for a new car, the experience of others (friends, family members, etc) can be very helpful information. You trust these people. However, no matter how much information you gather, at some point you need to do your own test drive. Go to a dealership, look at various models, explore prices and purchase options, and take the car for a spin. The same is true of ERP software. Make sure you take it out for a Cloud ERP test drive via a free demo.

No matter how much information you gather, at some point you need to do your own test drive.

Demand Innovation and Good Design

Many car companies claim to focus on design and innovation. Make sure this is true! Since you’re buying this car for both your current and future needs, you need to know that it was built with the latest technology. At Acumatica, our values drive our focus on innovation and empowerment. We provide our ERP and CRM software through a global network of qualified partners.  Our partners aren’t driven by commissions; instead, they focus on designing and developing innovative software solutions which harness the power and flexibility of cloud computing technology. Their goal is to empower businesses of all sizes to succeed and grow.

Innovative software solutions should harness the power and flexibility of cloud computing technology.

Whether you’re considering ERP solutions for the first time, wanting to add new process capabilities to grow your business, or looking to replace your legacy, on-premise  software with a state of the art cloud ERP platform, we’d love to talk with you. Better yet, come to our Summit. Meet our staff, customers, and partners, do a “test drive”, and ride into the future with us.

We think you’ll enjoy the ride!

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Ray Rebello

Director of Product Marketing at Acumatica

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