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6 Cloud Accounting Software Trends Being Tested in 2015

Ajoy Krishnamoorthy | May 14, 2015

The cloud ERP software market has seen a lot of action in the first quarter of the year, and things haven’t slowed down in Q2. But with news traveling so fast, we thought it might be helpful to take a moment and round up some of the major industry highlights from early 2015:

  1. IT Business Edge said 2015 would be “the year of the Cloud platform” in their top five trends report. Well, it does seem there’s a new cloud platform announced every other week these days!
  2. Over at Infoweek, Kevin Casey talked about the expected trends that might come up at the Consumer Electronics Show 2015, held in Las Vegas in March of this year. His prediction that the watchword of the event would be “connected everything” certainly was not off the mark.

    6 Cloud Accounting Software Trends Being Tested in 2015

  3. Drew Robb, in his predictions at Enterprise Apps Today focused on trends specific to the Enterprise market, but the trends were similar, ranging from increasingly faster app development to seeing and increased push for faster and more current and accessible data to fuel the apps.
  4. On the Intronis blog, Mike Vizard provided a thoughtful piece on how the private cloud computing landscape is shifting.
  5. 5. From the UK, the V3 tech news blog interviewed Richard Gordon, vice president of global forecasting at Gartner.

    “ told V3 that, whereas on-premise software vendors used to dominate the market by locking-in customers with growth-yielding licensing deals, the advent of more SaaS vendors is disrupting this established model.

    “Historically the software business has been an on-premise solution. We do see the shift towards SaaS accelerating,” he said.

    “We are finding that the large incumbent software suppliers are having to become more competitive as the cloud start to enter the market.

    “They certainly to change their business models and come up with viable cloud offerings to compete with the cloud guys.”

    The Gartner Report cited in the article also stated that Cloud software will drive $3.8tn of overall IT spending in 2015.

  6. InformationWeek’s advice for Enterprise apps in 2015 focused on 3 excellent priorities for business leaders to focus on gaining from their apps:
    1. Know that better features > More Features
    2. Focus on Usability
    3. Demand meaningful data and analytics (how about that integration with Microsoft Power BI?)

This last piece is especially interesting; it helps business leaders look past the “Look what I can do!” qualities of the clamoring business application market and encourages a deeper look, for the apps that can stand up to the truth: “I can do what you need me to do better and faster, here’s how.”

Speaking of testing the truth, we launched Test Drive Acumatica with AWS in the first quarter of this year, so you can actually try out the software in real time.

You can also see Acumatica in action with the demo video below, or catch up on our Cloud xRP Platform news here.

As always, we’d love to hear questions or thoughts from you in the comments.

Ajoy Krishnamoorthy

Vice President, Platform Strategy at Acumatica

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