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8 Great Cloud ERP Software Prediction Lists for 2015

Ray Rebello | January 5, 2015

Prediction-making at the new year has become standard practice for most industries and analysts. From the hopeful and optimistic to the caustically cynical, the internet this year was awash in prediction lists, some comprehensive, some eerily specific on industries or businesses, and a few bordering on wild speculation. You, like us, might not be surprised that The Cloud, the Internet of Things, and Cloud ERP Software figured heavily in many of these prediction lists, and it’s easy to see why, judging from the frenetic pace of cloud-based technology in 2014.

Whether any of these new Cloud ERP Software predictions come to pass in 2015 or not is certainly yet to be seen, but we’re all for formulating and envisioning the future we hope to be a part of.  We thought we’d highlight a few of the especially compelling predictions here for your consideration.

8 Great Cloud ERP Software Prediction Lists for 2015

  1. If you’re already sick of lists like these, you can read this one from inc.com on Why You Should Quit Predicting What’s Going to Happen in 2015:“But time and again I’ve found that trying to predict the many forces shaping the future is like trying to predict a tsunami; your best bet isn’t hanging out on the shoreline to see if you were correct but rather building the capabilities to withstand it and–for truly great innovators–to surf it.”
  2. Gartner’s top 10 strategic trends for 2015 are always at the top of our watchlist: “Cloud is the new style of elastically scalable, self-service computing, and both internal applications and external applications will be built on this new style,” said Mr. Cearley. “While network and bandwidth costs may continue to favor apps that use the intelligence and storage of the client device effectively, coordination and management will be based in the cloud.”
  3. Barb Darrow, writing gigaom.com’s four predictions, kept it fairly simple: “Microsoft and Google both showed they were willing to meet Amazon Web Services price cuts – or even preempt them. That will likely continue but look for the big three public cloud entities to try to compete more on higher-end services going forward — they all want to attract enterprise accounts and enterprise accounts want service(s).”
  4. On InformationWeek, Charles Babcock pointed to 9 Cloud Trends for 2015“Intel launched its Internet of Things Platform on Dec. 10 to help manage the connectivity and security of proliferating sensors and devices. The value of the secure and connected devices, however, will only increase in 2015 as the Internet of Things meets big data.”
  5. Microsoft’s director of Product Marketing, Chris Van Wesep, wrote about extensive cloud growth for the Virtualization Review online magazine: “…organizations will need to architect for the service rather than the server. This model takes advantage of fully abstracted physical resources and allows the administrator to create resiliency and to also dynamically redeploy resources where they’re most needed. These tools will continue to drive up productivity, while optimizing resource utilization.”
  6. And Joe McKendrick, on Forbes, had only one big, fat cloud computing prediction for 2015“The way to compete in today’s hyper-competitive global economy is to become a data-driven enterprise. The cloud will get us there. As Motley Fool’s Tim Beyers put it not too long ago: “Big data is the new cloud computing.””
  7. The Talkin’ Cloud predictions post by Mike Vizard focused on cloud security: “I believe cloud security will be the biggest game-changer in technology in 2015. Why? If there’s anything to remember about 2014, it’s this: Everybody is vulnerable to data breaches. It doesn’t matter if you’re only a one-man shop, your data is valuable to somebody out there.”
  8. And the ClientsFirst Business Solutions post on 15 emerging tech trends took a long view on cloud emergence and development:“Cloud technologies will lead to integration of apps and management tools used by organizations, creating hybrid architectures. New hybrid systems will be easier to design, deploy and operate as cloud technology tools take shape.”

Bonus: Louis Columbus curated a list of his favorite prediction posts on Forbes in this excellent collection: Roundup of Cloud Computing Predictions 2015

Did we miss any great predictions? What do you think is going to define 2015’s cloud technology industry? Whether you’ve got your own cloud predictions in mind for 2015 or you’re just keeping track of the trends, we’d love to hear from you.

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Ray Rebello

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