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Webinar: Accelerate Your eCommerce Success with a Modern Back Office

Michaela Terrenzio | February 22, 2017

It’s really all about the customers, isn’t it? Your eCommerce business is essentially about the people who purchase your product. However, just having customers isn’t enough. They need to be happy, satisfied, and repeat customers who also spread the word about your products, your service, and their experience with both.

If you’ve started to recognize that your customer service and therefore your business may be suffering due to your outdated back-office system, it’s time to upgrade. It can feel like a large, insurmountable task, but you don’t need to do it alone. You’re invited to listen to this on-demand webinar about how to upgrade to an all-encompassing eCommerce ERP solution. Accelerating your success is a top priority for our team here at Acumatica.


The webinar will teach you how to:

  • Reduce stock-outs and back orders
  • Track inventory in real time
  • Speed up order processing and fulfillment
  • Keep customers happy by processing returns quickly
  • Run all the reports you need with a few clicks

Do you have a centralized location for all sales needs? Want to reduce shipping costs? Do your customers want easy returns and exchanges? All of this and more is possible through Acumatica Commerce Edition from a single dashboard.

Acumatica customer SHOEBACCA is using the Commerce Edition and the company has experienced tremendous success since its implementation. Read SHOEBACCA’s inspiring story and watch the video about how Acumatica’s eCommerce solution encouraged growth and increased productivity for the company.

 SHOEBACCA’s hands-on experience with Acumatica Commerce Edition, which manages eCommerce, inventory, picking-packing-shipping, returns, customer support, and accounting, is an example of why upgrading your back office system is important. The central control of all your back-office systems provides effective customer service, which can then translate into a prosperous business. Acumatica’s complete eCommerce ERP solution using Magento, with a connector by Kensium, provides integration of your sales channels. Read more about the complete package here.

If making your customers happy – thus making your eCommerce business a success – is your goal, I invite you to download the on-demand webinar. Improve the front-end experience for your customer by improving the back office system of your business. Become automated, streamlined, and updated, enjoying reports and systems geared for your business specifically. Don’t miss out – the success of your business rests on your customer’s satisfied experience.

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