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Acumatica 2016 MVP Program Winners Announced

Ajoy Krishnamoorthy | January 14, 2016

As Acumatica welcomes a brand new year, we also get to welcome our hot-off-the-press MVPs (Most Valuable Professionals)! We’ve closed the books on our MVP program nominations for 2015, which highlighted the most outstanding contributors to the Acumatica community and its products.

Acumatica 2016 MVP Program Winners Announced

A core team at Acumatica carefully picked through every nominee, and when the dust settled, these individuals truly emerged as our most valuable professionals:

A big congratulations to the winners! They’re unparalleled in their contributions to the Acumatica community, sharing our products and platform with the broader community and leaving us no choice but to recognize their value with an exclusive title.

What exactly does the title of MVP mean for these folks? See below.

Key Benefits for MVPs

MVP Program Badge

Awardees receive an Acumatica MVP Badge, which can be displayed on places such as profile pages, social media, and resumés. The badge can also be used on 3rd-party forum pages (e.g., LinkedIn, Stackoverflow) and on their organization’s website and social media outlets.

Register for the Acumatica Summit 2016

Acumatica 2016 MVP Program Winners Announced

We are thrilled to meet our MVPs at the Acumatica Summit 2016. It’s an event that everyone will want to attend, an in-person compendium on our latest products and the future of the cloud. We bring 24 expert speakers, and you bring all of your innovative ideas for accelerating success in the cloud, and the result is pure magic. The venue is fantastic and you’ll get direct access to our leadership and development teams, as well as get to network with hundreds of your peers.

You can register for it here.

A Note To Our MVPs

To our MVPs, all we request is that you continue to support us exactly as you have: by engaging the general community on behalf of Acumatica using your extensive knowledge. That is the most important expectation we have for MVP “title-holders.”

Other than that, thank you for your amazing work; we look forward to a continuing mutual relationship in which both sides receive tremendous value.

We’ll see you at the Summit!

Interested in discovering Acumatica’s upcoming features? Want to meet with our developers? Looking to network with the large developer community? Come on out to the Acumatica Summit 2016, held in Orlando from Feb. 1-5.

Ajoy Krishnamoorthy

Vice President, Platform Strategy at Acumatica

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