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Acumatica 6 Adds a Continual Release Cycle: What You Need to Know

Ray Rebello | September 29, 2016

As many of you know, we recently launched Acumatica 6 and new features for our Cloud ERP platform, in order to help our customers increase productivity and cash flow, streamline operations, and accelerate their businesses. You can view the launch day recap here, and  check out the update videos of the various features, including productivity updates, analytics updates, and technology updates. You can also view the full launch recording here.

Acumatica 6 is also our first Cloud ERP product to offer a continual release cycle. Previously, we released updates on a quarterly basis. This will still be true of Acumatica 5.3, a Long Term Support (LTS) release, and, depending on your needs, might be a better fit for your company. Please talk to a member of our team or your Acumatica Partner to determine which update process would work better for you. There will also be a future version of Acumatica 6 in 2017 that will have a LTS release version.

Acumatica 6 Adds a Continual Release Cycle: What You Need to Know

With the continuous release cycle in Acumatica 6, we’ll be releasing updates frequently, as often as two a month, to ensure our customers always have the most advanced, innovative Cloud ERP available.

Now It’s Faster

With services existing in the Cloud, you don’t have to wait for updates, bug fixes, or new widgets or apps to pile up before releasing them. The Cloud allows for these updates to be released automatically and continually. Since Acumatica 6 is a pure Cloud ERP, the continuous release model allows our platform to update at the speed of the Cloud, which is instantaneous and accessible from any device, anywhere, and at any time. In a business world that values speed and efficiency, a continual release model makes a lot of sense for many of our customers.

From the development side, gone is the false notion that a new version of a platform has to be “complete” before it can be used. Instead of thinking in terms of a technology product being static, fixed, or an otherwise unchangeable object, the software is acknowledged to be constantly evolving and innovating to match the user’s needs. Technology is rapidly improving, changing, and growing, and so are the needs of our customers. Basically, making maintenance seamless causes the user experience to be as efficient and error-free as possible.

And More Responsive

The Cloud is as flexible as you can get, and the continual release model matches it in responsiveness. Acumatica 6 brings the most customizable Cloud ERP yet. The way this customization—which, by the way, literally means “made to suit the customer”—is related to the continual release cycle is that each bi-weekly release will contain new features and fixes that help Acumatica Cloud ERP do exactly what you want it to.

From a client standpoint, this means a more rapid response to questions and queries. For example, need to produce graphics about quarterly production automatically? Can do. Is there a way to integrate more data about sales achievements? Yep.

Try It Out

Want to take a deeper dive for yourself? We’d love to show you Acumatica 6 and how we’re continually delivering new releases and product features to our customers. Don’t get left behind. Sign-up for a free product tour will help you see how Acumatica can work for your business anytime, anywhere, and now faster than ever.

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