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Acumatica Cloud ERP Software Featured in TEC Discrete Manufacturing Buyer’s Guide

Jana Gering | February 11, 2015

We were pleased to announce earlier this week that Technology Evaluation Centers has featured Acumatica and our work with client Triode in their TEC Buyer’s Guide 2015: ERP for Discrete Manufacturing.

The Discrete Manufacturing industry represents a wide and varied field, and while some systems and processes translate well enough to general automation, many are too specific to respond well to a generalized ERP software solution. To some extent, the small processes within any Discrete Manufacturing company must be connected and yet isolated, able to be analyzed, retooled, timed, and maintained both individually and as a part of a larger process.

Triode Group Limited

Our clients at Triode Group Limited shared some of the major pain points of Discrete Manufacturing from their perspective where, as a quickly-growing electronics parts manufacturing startup transitioning into a larger company, the employees at Triode grappled with an increasing load of complex information which had to be shared among a growing pool of staff, vendors and customers. The firm struggled to organize its data with Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, PDF files, and accounting software.

Triode Managing Director Nathanial Fairweather recalls, “We were using multiple spreadsheets, folders, files, and even word-of-mouth to share information. To extract data on one job, we had to open something like five documents. None of the different systems we were using were talking to each other.”

When Fairweather and the team at Triode decided they needed a comprehensive solution, they found several Acumatica features appealing, but the one that put us on the shortlist was the integrated manufacturing software we call “JAMS” (for “JAAS Advanced Manufacturing Software”).

Developed in partnership with JAAS Systems, JAMS leverages the Acumatica platform along with JAAS’ industry-leading Discrete Manufacturing insight. Triode found the combination to be life-changing for their team.

Our partners in Discrete Manufacturing are able to make new things on schedule and on budget with the JAMS system, and it’s exciting to see the word get out.

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