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Acumatica Summit Recap for Developers: Dev Track

Mark Franks | March 2, 2018

In addition to the Hackathon this year, we added a new two-day track for developers at the Acumatica Summit in Nashville.  As I have mentioned in previous post, this year was a big step up in terms of content for developers at this years summit.

Web Services in a Multi-Cloud World

How you can use Acumatica’s REST web services to connect Acumatica and exchange information with a variety of other cloud-based applications. In this session, we will walk through several examples and show you how to leverage the APIs to integrate ground-breaking technologies such as bots and Microsoft Flow.

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xRP Framework Fundamentals

The session will focused on providing an overview of the xRP Platform Development  Framework – Webservices, APIs, and development tools and services to build great applications on our platform.

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Mobile Framework Capabilities

Providing an overview of our Mobile Framework capabilities, we show you how you can leverage the Mobile Framework via the Mobile Rest API and MSDL to build custom mobile applications.

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Acumatica Developer Tips & Tricks

Practical advice, while learning some great tips & tricks from Acumatica developers to keep you productive & efficient in your development efforts – whether you’re new to the platform or a seasoned veteran. This session will cover a full range of topics – from setting up your dev environment and learning the platform to planning, testing, and supporting your applications.

Acumatica AMA – Ask Mike Anything

Mike our CTO was available for individuals at the Summit to ask him anything they wished.  One of the original founders, Mike is responsible for much of the vision and development direction at Acumatica. 

Lightning Sessions

Several quick-hitting, impactful talks in one session. These 12-minute discussions were led by senior developers from members of our development team and key partners sharing some important lessons learned and their passions around the Acumatica xRP Platform.

These were all great sessions for developers.  We continue to provide content and information that developers on our platform can use to build world-class applications and integrations.  We will continue to strive to deliver to our developer community great value.

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