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Become a Yoga Master! Cloud xRP’s Incredibly Flexible Platform

Jana Gering | March 25, 2015

The practice of yoga involves a few paradoxes, and one of them is the idea that to build core strength and become more stable, you need to increase to become more flexible and agile.

It’s the same with systems; there are ERP platforms out there talking about heavyweight features and showing off impressive feature muscles. But without the ability to turn on a dime to address a new problem or stretch to reach a new goal, even a powerful ERP system can be caught off guard and wind up lumbering off in the wrong direction.

With Acumatica’s Cloud xRP Platform, developers will notice a ton of flexibility in cross-browser compatibility, responsive UI, scalability, and built-in support for multi-tenancy, as well as support for SQL and MySQL out of the box. In addition, customized reporting and other features allow developers to build flexible and responsive solutions.

In terms of agility, you have many choices for deploying the software: single-instance or multi-instance, single-tenant or multi-tenant, as well as the ability to deploy via the public cloud or private cloud (previously on-premises). Whichever combination of options is the best solution for an application is available for your deployment.

Ajoy Krishnamoorthy, head of our Cloud xRP Platform Division and Acumatica Developer Network, discusses more about the powerful flexibility of Acumatica’s Cloud xRP framework in this demo video:

Learn more about Cloud xRP platform at acumatica.com/developers/ and join the Acumatica Developer Network to gain developer training and support benefits.

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