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Build Your Solution Faster with the Right Application Framework

Ajoy Krishnamoorthy | April 14, 2016

You know what your company does well and what sets it apart from its competitors.  You also know that spending money and time developing aspects of an application for your business outside of your domain expertise is inefficient.

Acumatica can help you spend more time on the business logic of your application rather than the behind the scenes framework. Focus more on the core competency of your business with the Acumatica Platform by either simply integrating your solution with Acumatica Cloud ERP or white-labeling Acumatica ERP modules and customizing it extensively for the vertical industry you are in. This ensures your business a faster time to market, the ability to use pre-existing assets, and the peace of mind knowing you are using a high-quality and safe platform.

Build Your Solution Faster with the Right Application Framework

What is White-Labeling?

You’re most likely familiar with white-labeling, even if you haven’t heard the term before. White-labeling allows companies to sell a product without investing in the infrastructure to produce it themselves. They accomplish this by purchasing a non-branded asset from a third party and rebranding it as their own.

Two quick examples are food products in a grocery store and car manufacturers. Food producers can sell their “generic” product to a grocery store with a white-label, allowing the grocery store to sell it as their store’s own product. Car manufacturers can purchase some of the individual parts of their cars from other manufacturers as white-labeled products and then market them as a packaged product—a complete car.

How Will Focusing on My Company’s Core Competency Reap Immediate Benefits?

Economic Efficiency and Faster Time to Market

Let’s go back to the example of car manufacturers. A company like Tesla doesn’t make all the parts for their cars in-house; they purchase some of them from outside sources. Tesla does this because they don’t have a comparative advantage in producing certain parts for their car. Basic economics says that a company should focus on what they do best and in areas that aren’t their focus, they should utilize other systems already in place rather than build it from the ground up.

Aside from the immediate cost of producing your own cloud platform, there are long-term costs to consider as well. Each day that you’re waiting for your own cloud solution to be completed is a day that your solution is not on the market. Delaying your time to market can be at best a competitive disadvantage; at worst it can be the reason your company doesn’t make it through the next few years.

The Ability to Use Previously Existing Assets

What use is a pre-existing cloud platform to your business if you have to build other elements of your solution from scratch? It’s critical to use a cloud platform that allows you to plug your assets directly into their framework with no hitches. A high-quality cloud solution allows you to pick and choose what modules (finance, CRM, etc.) you want to utilize—and it should be highly customizable to your solution’s needs.

You won’t have to spend time retooling old assets or going through the heartbreak of scrapping them entirely.  Your previous efforts will be rewarded and you will have more time to focus on delivering high-quality customer experiences.

For additional reasons to use existing framework for your platform, this article from Forbes is a worthy companion piece.

This Sounds Great in Theory, but Does it Work?

Below are some key examples of companies white-labeling using Acumatica’s Cloud xRP Platform and seeing success:

  • HAI Group  had ease of customizations with Acumatica, and this benefited both the company and its clients
  • JAMIS gained a competitive edge over entrenched competitors and reduced time to market by 50%


Whether you choose to completely customize the Acumatica Platform through white-labeling or you choose to use select aspects of the platform, your business will be able to spend far more time and money on its core competency. Through assisting with economic efficiency, speed to market, the ability to use existing assets, and peace of mind the Acumatica Platform exists to help your company do what it does best.

If you would like to learn more about additional case studies relating to Acumatica’s Cloud xRP Platform, please visit the success stories section of our website.

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Ajoy Krishnamoorthy

Vice President, Platform Strategy at Acumatica

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