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Building LOB application using Acumatica Cloud xRP platform

Mark Franks | July 25, 2016

Today I would like to introduce myself to all of you… I’m the new Platform Evangelist at Acumatica. I’ll be authoring a series of blog posts, videos, tweets, etc. Please share your comments/inputs on topics that you would like me to cover in future posts.

My name is Mark Franks, you can check me out at LinkedIn and subscribe to my Twitter feed – @MvF_Evangelista.  I won’t bore you with my background here.

For my first post, I would like to revisit (via a short introduction) Acumatica’s ERP Platform, and more specifically our Developer platform- xRP, providing you a summary introduction to our platform and a high-level overview.  I would also like to direct you to review some of our past blog posts and point you to some valuable resources we have available to you.

In the coming weeks, we’ll present more specific detail around our API sets – Screen-Based, Contract-Based, and REST.  We’ll further explore other development and integration topics, showcasing the power of the Acumatica platform, enabling developers to build a customer-driven line of business solutions in an extremely efficient manner.

At the very heart, our Framework is a modern web application development platform designed for developing business applications.

In addition to delivering traditional features specific to ERP applications, our Framework provides advanced features and functionality necessary for the development of web applications and to integrate with ERP applications such as Financials, Distribution, and CRM:

First, we leverage Modern Web Technology

  • Desktop-like GUI functionality and accessibility through a web browser
  • Security model that eliminates the possibility of browser-side data manipulation
  • Excellent application performance, even over latent and unreliable Internet connections
  • Cross-platform compatibility at the web browser level

Second, we have built it for the  Data Center and SaaS Delivery Models

  • Ability to scale horizontally and run on server farms behind a load balancer
  • High application density, which allows for the maximum number of users per server
  • Built-in support for multi-tenancy
  • Centralized upgrade and versioning management

Third, we provide Tools for Personalization, Customization, and Integration with External Systems

  • Built-in localization and personalization support
  • Tools for customizing applications at the graphical user interface (GUI), business logic, and database levels, including the integrated web interface and Acumatica Extensibility Framework
  • Tools for developing add-on modules and components
  • Generic Web Service application programming interface (API) for accessing the business logic

In addition, the xRP Framework provides application developers with everything they need to develop and maintain applications in a fast and cost-efficient way. Efficiency is achieved through:

The Development Environment which is Built on an Industry-Standard Platform

  • Runtime environment built on top of a Microsoft.NET platform
  • Development environment built on top of Microsoft Visual Studio IDE
  • Ready to host on Microsoft Azure

A System Foundation Layer

  • Set of low-level components and primitives required for full-cycle application development
  • Database access layer and primitives to isolate the application developer from database specific logic
  • Set of integrated UI elements to isolate application developers from HTML, HTTP, and JavaScript
  • Application programming model that isolates the business logic layer from the presentation and data access layers
  • Security model that is transparent to the application developer
  • Set of wizards and designers to automate the creation of database access and presentation layers
  • Set of extendable templates for creating typical application webpages

An Application Foundation Layer

  • Common application frameset and site management application
  • Built-in security management and user management application
  • Integrated report designer and report engine
  • Integrated Help management system
  • Integrated document management system
  • Translation and localization tools

In summary, we have a very powerful, flexible, and efficient development platform to build line of business applications and to integrate with existing solutions, assets, IP that can be seamlessly interwoven.  We leverage modern web technologybuilt for the data center and SaaS delivery models, and we provide the tools for personalization, customization, and integration with external systems.  We provide a robust development environment, leveraging the Microsoft.NET platform, provide a system and application foundation layer which assists the developer by abstracting much of the underlying complexity, simplifying the development process – which in turn drives efficiency, allowing faster time to market than our competitors.

Tune in next time when we discuss our APIs – comparing and contrasting screen-based, contract-based, and REST APIs.

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