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Calling All Developers: Why Acumatica Summit 2018 is a MUST Attend Event

Mark Franks | October 30, 2017

This is a special year for our Developer Community. We have spent an entire year dedicating ourselves to building & nurturing our community, providing developers everything they need to succeed.

Acumatica's Mark Franks on Why Developers Should Attend Acumatica Summit 2018

Through this blog, we have provided a number of posts dedicated to the xRP platform – showing you how it’s tailor-made for developing great applications and getting them out to your customers faster than your competitors.  We are partner and developer-centric – we depend on you to build vertical and horizontal solutions spanning a great number of markets for our success.  We strive to provide you the greatest advantage possible to be successful.

In addition to this blog, we have created events specifically for developers – a Hackathon at last year’s summit in San Diego and Virtual Developer Conference this past summer. At our next Summit, not only are we hosting another Hackathon, we’ve added a Developer Track. This year’s summit a MUST ATTEND event!  It’s an opportunity you can’t afford to miss.

The first event to kick things off is our second annual Hackathon.  This year, it’s bigger and better. We are hosting a greatly expanded edition in Nashville on Saturday, January 27th & Sunday, January 28th. As was the case last year, we expect a large number of partners participating – developers and non-developers alike – forming several teams, working together on delivering a number of real-world business solutions.  Each team will be assigned an Acumatica subject matter expert (SME) as a mentor/adviser. To get an overview & recap of last year’s event, go here. To get a detailed read about one of the winning solutions, please go here.

Hackathon Agenda

2:00 PM  Start of Hackathon 10:00 AM  Group Presentation Preparations
6:00 PM  Dinner Break Noon   Lunch Break
Midnight  Conclusion of Day One 1:00 PM  Team Presentations
3:00 PM  Judging & Awards

The best and most viable solutions presented will be highlighted in one of our Keynote sessions. Prizes will be awarded and we will make the source-code available for use by our partners and customers on Acumatica’s GitHub account.

Sign up for the Hackathon when you register for Acumatica Summit, by selecting it on your agenda.

Following the Summit Hackathon this year, we have dedicated track of sessions just for Developers!  We are very excited. Whether you are just starting your cloud journey with Acumatica or an expert Acumatica partner developer, writing application code with Acumatica for years, you can learn something new about our xRP Platform by attending the Developer Track at Acumatica Summit 2018. This will be action-packed, two days with 8 breakout sessions. You’ll hear from Acumatica Developers, Partners, and even get a chance to ask anything you want within an exclusive session with our CTO – “Ask Mike Anything”.  We will share great stories and a myriad of developer tips & tricks to gain insights into best practices and efficient programming techniques on our platform.

Developer Track Agenda

 Web Services in a Multi-Cloud World  xRP Framework Fundamentals
Developer Tips & Tricks Mobile Framework
 Lightning Talks (Part I)  Ask Mike Anything
 Lightning Talks (Part II)  TBD

Web Services in a Multi-Cloud World

See how you can use Acumatica’s REST web services to connect Acumatica and exchange information with a variety of other cloud-based applications. In this session, we will walk through several examples and show you how to leverage the APIs to integrate ground-breaking technologies such as bots and Microsoft Flow.

xRP Framework Fundamentals

The session will focus on providing an overview of the xRP Platform Development  Framework – Webservices, APIs, and development tools and services to build great applications on our platform.

Acumatica Developer Tips & Tricks

Receive great practical advice, while learning some great tips & tricks from Acumatica developers to keep you productive & efficient in your development efforts – whether you’re new to the platform or a seasoned veteran. This session will cover a full range of topics – from setting up your dev environment and learning the platform to planning, testing, and supporting your applications.

Acumatica AMA – Ask Mike Anything

Mike our CTO with be available for you to ask him anything you wish.  One of the original founders, Mike is responsible for much of the vision and development direction at Acumatica. 

Lightning Sessions

Get several quick-hitting impactful talks in one session.  These 12-minute discussions will be led by senior developers from members of our development team and key partners sharing some important lessons learned and their passions around the Acumatica xRP Platform. If you enjoy the style of Ted-Talks, you’ll love our lightning sessions.

Now that you are as excited as we are, learn more about Summit and register here today!

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