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Cloud ERP Software Born in a Browser, Raised in the Mobile-first Era

Christian Lindberg | March 11, 2013

If you are in the business of building applications, you are looking for the best platform to partner with. And we know not all the options out there are up to date. Many existing platforms were born in a completely different era, and can be difficult to integrate in today’s browser-based, mobile-first development.

Browser-based software is easily adaptable in a mobile-first world.

Mobile-first tablets and phones

On the other hand, Acumatica’s technology was built from scratch in the millennial years, fewer than 10 years ago. That means our technology is a blank slate, born in the browser years, and raised in an era of smartphones and tablets. This makes it much more easily adaptable for developers to build on.

Compared to older technologies that need maintenance and constant searches for backward compatibility that can hold back development, our Acumatica Studio is the perfect partner for platforming for the first time or launching a new platform.

Technology aside, we understand that a fast time-to-market is important to software designers and developers. The driving question is how quickly can move your IP to the new platform, bring the product to market, and start selling?

It’s in answer to this question that we’ve become so committed to our reseller channel. We are on a rapid pace to expand ISV functionality by developing new relationships. Our goal is to strategically link your solutions through the specialized channels you need in order to sell your application.

Acumatica Mobile Solutions in action (3 min)

Christian Lindberg

Vice President, Partner Solutions at Acumatica

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