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Ergoresearch Keeps the World in Motion with Cloud ERP Software

Michelle Webber | March 5, 2015

Our friends at Ergoresearch manufacture custom-fit and specialty orthotics and medical devices. More than just turning out a mass product, they have a big and brilliant goal:

Our mission is to improve our patients’ quality of life. Each of our actions is guided by our desire to help them IMPROVE THEIR MOBILITY. Our aim is to reduce our patients’ pain and rehabilitate motor function with assorted technologies and vast expertise. We keep the world in motion, thanks to a network of skilled professionals equipped with top technological tools.

Ergoresearch Keeps the World in Motion with Cloud ERP Software

Does it get better than that? We love partnering with manufacturers who are creating great things. At Ergoresearch, President Sylvain Boucher (winner of the Prix Desjardins Entrepreneurs Innovation awards 2014) has an incredible and specific vision leveraging technology to research, develop and build solutions that work to get people back on their feet faster.

In order to bring that vision to reality, a massive amount of coordination between technology, administration, and action needs to happen. Unlocking the free association of these elements was a top priority for President Boucher and his team.

“We needed a single, unique ERP solution that was flexible enough to allow our technology developers to link the software with the custom software we already had,” he says. In addition, he needed an ERP that was compliant with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

Although Ergoresearch was courted by SAP and Microsoft Dynamics, Boucher was looking for a solution that could be more flexible and adaptable, something “architected for the future.” Acumatica’s Cloud ERP software, built on Microsoft’s .Net technologies, fit the bill.

We are excited to participate in the Ergoresearch team’s growth and see them innovate solutions faster, better, and stronger with their implementation of Acumatica. You can download the full case study below to read more of their story.

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