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Does Your ERP System Grow With Your Company?

Ali Jani | March 13, 2013

We live in a social, interconnected world. Information travels fast, and everyone is in everyone’s business. It seems apparent that an ERP system would be well-informed by these trends of connectivity, but it has been surprisingly slow to keep up.

ERP providers can be stuck in the old locked-in model of charging by number of concurrent or named users, an approach that severely limits businesses. For too long, stakeholders who wanted to be involved were held back because they thought, “Oh well, I don’t have a login account, so I don’t have a voice.”

Does Your ERP System Grow With Your Company?

Enterprise Resource Planning hasn’t always kept up with the times.

Acumatica is changing all that. We never charge by user. We want everyone to contribute to the solution. Customers, partners, vendors, suppliers, investors, or ISVs all need a seat at your table. Why shouldn’t they have access and contribute to your systems?

Suppliers should be able to see what products you need and bid against other suppliers for your business. Or if you’re a distributor, why not allow your affiliates and resellers to connect and use your system for parts of their operations? Your resellers and affiliates should be able to track their own customers and allow them to access the system to put in orders and see status information.

Why not give clients a point of self-service so they can see their purchase history, create customer service tickets, print statements, register leads, access your knowledge base, and more?

We’re taking that kind of service you see in digital shopping carts to the next level for business-to-business environments.

Our licensing model, in addition to focusing on a Cloud ERP software system, is built to help you break down those walls and open your company to your stakeholders so they can contribute to conversations and solutions.

Take a look around. Are there unnecessary walls around your company?

Ali Jani

Chief Product Officer at Acumatica

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