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Free Webinar: Understanding True Cloud vs. Fake Cloud Construction Accounting Software

Michaela Terrenzio | August 20, 2018

Your construction accounting software options are growing, but so is the opportunity for you to inadvertently choose the wrong one. Our recent whitepaper and upcoming webinar—covering true vs. fake cloud construction company software— can help you choose the right construction company software for you.

The advent of cloud-based construction accounting software has provided construction firms with much-needed real-time visibility into their project and budgeting processes. But you don’t want to randomly choose a construction accounting solution; you need to research your options. This includes using an evaluation checklist for construction management ERP and learning how to distinguish between fake and true construction software.

We’re offering a few ways to help you with this research. One is through our recent whitepaper, “True Cloud vs. Fake Cloud: How Construction Companies Can Tell the Difference”. You can download this complimentary paper today. Another way is through our upcoming webinar, True Cloud vs. Fake Cloud Construction Accounting Software, based on the whitepaper.

Free Webinar: Understanding True Cloud vs. Fake Cloud Construction Accounting Software

Construction accounting software webinar and whitepaper details

Finding cloud construction company software that is right for your business is essential. It also takes up your valuable time. Our free webinar can help expedite the process through a thirty-minute presentation, which also includes a Q&A period.

Here are the pertinent details:

  • Title:True Cloud vs. Fake Cloud Construction Accounting Software
  • Date/Time:August 24, 2018 at 10am PDT
  • Speaker: Kyle Watt, Product Manager, Acumatica

You can register for the webinar today to reserve your spot. During the presentation, Kyle—who has worked in construction software for 16 years—will dig deeper into what true and fake construction accounting software looks like and wilI work with you on which solution is right for your business. If you download and read the “True Cloud vs. Fake Cloud” whitepaper before the webinar, you can prepare any questions you may have in advance. Kyle will welcome your questions about construction company software.

He’ll also welcome any questions you may have about our Acumatica Construction Edition and Acumatica Project Accounting. With the release of Acumatica Construction Edition, construction firms have a modern cloud solution they need to replace legacy construction accounting software (a disconnected, outdated, and expensive solution).

Acumatica’s cloud-based solution— based on true cloud, real-time, and high value—provides mobile capabilities and integration of multiple applications. Our construction company software also provides a “single source of truth” and the ability to measure your business performance through KPIs (anywhere and at any time), all based on a “Consumption Pricing” model and not on a per user basis. It encompasses both residential and commercial contractor software needs, including specific general contractor software, home builder accounting software, land development accounting software, and building and construction software.

Learn firsthand about true cloud construction accounting software

Unlike vendors offering a fake option (e.g. adapted and hosted on the internet but not designed to do so), our Acumatica Construction Edition meets the eight things a true cloud ERP should offer. Download the whitepaper to learn what these eight things are. Plus, you’ll learn why more than a mobile device is needed for real-time information and four ways the cloud can enhance productivity.

And signing up for the webinar will give you even deeper insight into this information as well as provide you with an opportunity to ask any questions about true and fake cloud company accounting software.

However, don’t feel like you have to wait until the webinar to contact our team with any questions you may have about Acumatica cloud ERP. Reach out and get the answers you need now.

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Michaela Terrenzio

Customer Marketing Manager at Acumatica

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