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Free: Gartner Market Guide for Core Financial Management Applications

Michaela Terrenzio | October 6, 2016

Did you know that, over the next three years, SaaS core financial management applications will increasingly be adopted by larger organizations (those with more than $1 billion in revenue) in addition to midsize organizations? Gartner did, because that was one of the major findings from their newly released Market Guide for Core Financial Management Applications. To learn more, download the full report now – we’re giving it away for a limited time!

We’re offering this guide to you for free (which usually has a high premium) because we believe the more informed you are about the benefits of Cloud computing (backed by industry experts like Gartner), you’ll be persuaded it’s time to implement Acumatica 6 (our newest product).

Free: Gartner Market Guide for Core Financial Management Applications

Key Findings

As SaaS ERP becomes more and more mainstream, companies are asking what kind of metrics they need to consider when making a decision about implementation. Beyond questions of how long it will take and how much it will cost, being able to choose the right vendor is the real issue in how successful a switch to ERP is going to be.

But you don’t need to take our word for it. Gartner’s Guide says:

SaaS core financial management applications are maturing and over the next three years will increasingly be adopted by larger organizations (those with more than $1 billion in revenue) in addition to midsize organizations.”
The market is heating up as vendors seek to push clients to move to new-generation solutions, adopt cloud and also purchase core financial management applications as part of a broader administrative ERP suite. However, this means many organizations face a choice between well-proven established products or next-generation solutions that are still early in their life cycle.”

And that’s kind of the kicker—when you’re evaluating your choices (which the Guide can definitely help with, since it profiles 17 vendors including Acumatica), do you go with something older and potentially outdated or something newer and potentially unproven?

What to Look For

Fortunately, the Gartner Market Guide offers some recommendations about what to look for when making a decision about ERP strategy.

  • Have the scope of your strategy in mind before you evaluate a vendor
  • Look for ways the implementation can integrate sections of your business
  • Decide on your approach to the Cloud
  • Use the facts in the Guide to find a starting place for vendor evaluation
  • Understand the “lifecycle” of products and identify the stage of your solution

To put that last one more succinctly: “Don’t focus on adopting a new generation of technology without deciding how any such technology shift will support your business strategy and improvements to finance processes.”

If you’re looking for a jumping-off point to start your decision making process, look no further than the free Guide. But hurry, as we are only offering this Guide for a limited time—get your copy today.

We’d love to answer your questions about Gartner’s overview of our company. And as always, to try on Acumatica for size, ask for our free product demo.

Michaela Terrenzio

Campaign & Operations Marketing Manager at Acumatica

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