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How HAI Group Brought their HousingHub Solution to Market–Fast

Jana Gering | August 12, 2015

Our Cloud xRP platform has helped to launch a few great products this year. One exciting solution we’ve been a part of is HousingHub®, launched in April by HAI Group, a 28-year veteran of the housing management industry. Over the years, HAI Group noticed a need among their customer group for a cohesive software solution. HAI Group’s software division kept track of customer feedback, and dreamed of developing a smart, configurable housing management and financial solution. HAI Group chose Acumatica last yeara, and went live with their HousingHub® software in April 2015. With any other platform, COO Dave Sagers believes, the implementation could have taken twice as long as it did with Acumatica.

Dave Sagers and his team at HAI Group zeroed in to solve three common areas of concern for most housing agencies:

  1. Managing properties
  2. Managing clients
  3. Managing financials

HAI Group knew that for wide applicability and adoption, any solution had to be easy to use, so they started by talking to housing agencies directly to find out how they were currently handling these issues, and see where a new solution could apply. Their extensive research and discussions with many housing agencies helped to build the foundation for HousingHub®, and they applied this research to their selection of an ERP system and platform as well.

Sagers emphasizes that Acumatica’s flexibility to serve small businesses as well as larger enterprises put us ahead of the pack, but they still expected that there was a long road ahead of them to build and deploy the solution. After signing with Acumatica, they got to work quickly, and were excited to find that with the partnership, platform, and capabilities, they were able to go live in less than a year.

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