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How to Achieve Adaptability, Flexibility and Mobility with Cloud ERP

Stephen Jordan | June 28, 2017

Businesses rely on technology to run every aspect of their operations. By not utilizing the most updated, modern tools available and relying on legacy systems, businesses lag behind their competitors. To achieve success, organizations need to recognize that implementing the right cloud ERP and mobile ERP system provides adaptability, flexibility, and mobility.

We have all heard the saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. The concept of changing something that’s working seems unnecessary at best and expensively needless at worst. However, this idiom may not pertain to the business climate we live in today. Technology doesn’t stand still for anyone; if a business wants to achieve continued success, they must consider how adaptability, flexibility, and mobility with cloud ERP can help them achieve it.

How to Achieve Adaptability, Flexibility and Mobility with Cloud ERP

Adaptability, flexibility, and mobility: doesn’t everyone want this?

Let’s face it – we live in a world today where technology affects every aspect of our day-to-day activities. Processes, such as depositing a check, used to be an in-person activity; now, depositing that check is as easy as taking a picture from your phone and hitting a button to deposit. In this same way, paying bills used to require your physical checkbook, an envelope, stamps, and dropping it in the mailbox – hoping it would arrive on time. Instead, it only takes a minute on your laptop or mobile device of choice.

Businesses have these same tools allowing them access to information/data whenever and wherever needed due to mobile ERP applications. Migrating their processes to the cloud and utilizing a mobile ERP system means they can be flexible and adaptable to change. It also means they can provide improved, efficient customer service and vie successfully with their competitors.

So why do we see corporations continue to avoid making the change to become more adaptable, flexible, and – most importantly – mobile through cloud ERP? Organizations afraid of monumental changes fear the unknown; if the legacy systems and applications they use are not “broken”, they are reluctant to make monumental changes that may, or may not, help them. However, this decision to not implement a cloud ERP and a mobile ERP system impedes growth and profitability and makes them unable to flex and adapt. They will continue to strain their resources, facing bigger problems in the future.

Cloud ERP delivers an adaptable, flexible, and mobile solution

Mobility is an important factor for this generation entering the work force over the next 10 years. Users want access to data and results on demand. No one wants to wait for an answer in today’s technological climate of rapid change.

This is exactly the type of business continuity that a cloud ERP such as Acumatica brings to the table – it’s built in the cloud and made for the cloud. Mobility produces flexibility and allows users to maintain a high level of productivity. Acumatica ERP brings you the performance you want and need, not to mention the convenient – and complete – ability to accomplish your work through any mobile device!

There’s also cost savings and the ability to scale your growth along with the speed and security you receive when you implement a cloud ERP system to take into account. Unfortunately, legacy systems won’t give you these benefits; they are immobile systems that no longer reign.  Businesses must have the ability to integrate all of their business systems and processes. As a cloud ERP system, Acumatica’s flexible interfaces and truly open architecture give companies the power to build interconnected ecosystems from any number of previously separated habitats.

Achieve adaptability, flexibility, and mobility with Acumatica

Acumatica is the work from anywhere on any device cloud ERP solution that continues to meet the demands of advancing technology allowing businesses the flexibility and adaptability to continue to succeed.

Are you interested in discussing how a mobile ERP system can help your company grow? Contact our team at AIM Solutions and we’ll be happy to discuss the endless possibilities of cloud ERP with you.

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