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IIG Services Recaps Acumatica Summit 2017

Alec Baghdasaryan | April 3, 2017

IIG Service’s Alec Baghdasaryan, an ERP industry veteran, recaps the Acumatica Summit in 2017 and highlights his favorite product announcements. He also lays out why he believes Acumatica is positioned as the leader in Cloud ERP.

I have been implementing ERP systems and automating businesses since 1982. There have been many changes in the industry, but I can say with confidence that the opportunity to offer a product to businesses that would allow them to implement a new system using a comprehensive suite of products has not been as easy as it is today with Acumatica ERP. Acumatica’s suite of Financial Management, Distribution Management, Customer Management, Project Accounting, and Field Service Management applications address base requirements of most business in today’s world. Right out of the box, Acumatica addresses other important factors, including being able to conduct their business in the cloud, offer products in various marketplaces, countries, and currencies, and being able to create a business structure even if it requires setting up multiple companies.

IIG Services Recaps Acumatica Summit 2017

Acumatica is also addressing accessing information in the system by providing web services to integrate your data with other systems in the Cloud. Users can access their data from any device, whether it’s from the office, a hotel room, or an airplane. The unlimited user licensing model allows companies to give access to their employees and customers to perform specific, user access controlled functions to improve operational efficiency and customer service functions. It’s suffice to say that our team here at IIG Services are big fans of Acumatica.

Summit Keynotes Give Product Insights

One of the important events during the year for ERP Value Added Resellers (VARs) is to attend the software publisher’s annual conference. These events are the best source of information for attendees to learn about the company’s vision and roadmap. Even more importantly, you get a feel for the products’ current market standing by hearing about the experiences of other partners and customers. Another way to explain this would be to assess the product and company’s vibe, or energy.

This year annual conference, called Acumatica Summit 2017, was held in La Jolla, California. The two main keynote sessions were packed with some very exciting and important news about the product and company. I attended the session during which the CEO of Acumatica, Jon Roskill, presented to a room full of attendees. Jon talked about “midmarket abandonment,” a term he used to explain the direction many ERP software publishers are taking to move to larger size clients. He reiterated that Acumatica will continue to focus on the midsize market. Jon also announced the launch of Acumatica Field Services Edition and Acumatica Commerce Edition. Perhaps one of the most valuable pieces of information was Jon explaining Acumatica’s position in the multicloud world of today, and how Acumatica is best suited to be the hub of a business, managing interactions with other products in the cloud.  Jon also announced Acumatica’s decision to include the Acumatica Standard Support Plan with every Acumatica system purchased during the first year.

During the keynote speech, Jon also discussed the improvements to Acumatica’s web services over the last two years and how Acumatica has the richest REST API set in today’s market. The API setup is crucial. In the past 3 to 4 years, improvements in bandwidth, security, and pricing are empowering many companies to consider Cloud ERP as an acceptance deployment option for their operation.

Flexible Pricing and Deployment in Acumatica

Acumatica’s options for deployment are numerous, which makes it a great fit for a wide variety of businesses. Options include deployment as part of the subscription fee, in the customer selected cloud, or on premises combined with SaaS. The flexible licensing model provides clients with the needed options to make the right decision for their situation. Many companies no longer need a significant investment in infrastructure to operate their system or commit to a substantial upfront investment to purchase the license to use the system.

IIG Services Presents at the Summit

This year, I was asked to be a presenter at the Summit. The session was part of the Sales Track, listed on the agenda as “In the Trenches.” My presentation focused on launching IIG’s Acumatica practice. I covered the basis for selecting Acumatica as the product to represent, and the support received from Acumatica’s sales and support team to help IIG succeed as a reseller in 2016. We were very honored to receive an honorable mention in the Rookie of the Year category for the Partner Awards.

Acumatica Positioned as a Leader in Cloud ERP

During the Partner Solutions Showcase hours, I was able to learn about the Acumatica ISV community. The presence of so many partners developing enhancements for Acumatica validates Acumatica’s position in the marketplace. Furthermore, development of ISV products that will enhance Acumatica’s functionality will have a significant impact on Acumatica’s position as a leader in the SMP cloud ERP marketplace. We at IIG Services are thrilled to be a valued Acumatica Partner and are excited to see what the future holds for Cloud ERP!

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