The Museum of Disruptive Technology Infographic: From Rolodex to Cloud ERP Software

Ray Rebello | August 6, 2015

As Cloud Computing adoption increases, the technical edges early adopters achieved narrow a bit, while the disadvantages typical of new technology (down time, reliable infrastructure) also stabilize. This got us thinking about how technical innovations have changed the definition of ‘Business as Usual’ over the years. As new technology disrupts the status quo, the once cutting-edge tools, processes, and business models get retired. We’ve collected all of them in our Museum of Disruptive Technology Infographic.

We took some time to think through the story of Disruptive Technology over the last century, leading up to how the Cloud has had–and continues to have–a transformational impact on business processes, business models, and the way new business start up and innovate today.

Take a tour through the infographic and let us know what you think! What disruptive tech trends are up for transforming business as usual in the next 100 years? And which business tools, pricing models, or processes will be retired (*cough* Limited User Licensing *cough*) and added to the Museum?

The Museum of Disruptive Technology Infographic

Ray Rebello

Director of Product Marketing at Acumatica

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