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Powered by Acumatica, MINERVA Brings Cloud ERP to the Commodity Trading Industry

Christian Lindberg | October 28, 2019

Satoshi Systems Limited announced the release of MINERVA©, a complete cloud ERP business management solution for the physical commodity trading industry. And Acumatica’s platform powers it all.

In a move to bring the physical commodity trading industry a business software solution that harnesses the power of the cloud, Satoshi Systems Limited has partnered with Acumatica to provide a comprehensive cloud ERP solution that meets all of commodity traders’ front office and back office functionality needs.

Satoshi Systems’ Founder and CEO Saurabh Goyal says in the press release announcing the new product, “The MINERVA© launch is a key milestone in our company history. Our strong relationship and partnership with Acumatica will ensure that we can serve customers in the agriculture, metals and energy sectors of any size and complexity, offering them a market leading, scalable and future-proof platform that will grow with them.”

MINERVA©, powered by Acumatica

Satoshi Systems is a Fintech startup that was created to champion today’s global supply chain operations using “intelligent, efficient emerging technologies.” Because Saurabh and Co-Founder Khai Vualnam understand that desktop and in-house applications limit many commodity firms today, they’re embracing the benefits found in the cloud.

“We can now implement a true cloud-based ERP solution for all our clients who are eager to reap the unique advantages and scalability of that environment,” says Saurabh.

MINERVA© allows its users to manage the entire supply chain with a single solution. From traceability, contracts, hedging and logistics to financing, settlement, M2M, and cash flows, the system meets all the commodity trader’s requirements. The cloud-based solution operates on a single database, eliminating reconciliations, and is powered by the Acumatica Cloud xRP Platform.

“Acumatica’s xRP platform further allows us to extend MINERVA© to an open marketplace platform comprising of customer portals, supply chain participants integration and trade finance providers,” Saurabh says.

He also says it’s a seamless solution that encompasses:

  • Contract Management
  • Position Management
  • Risk Management
  • And all Middle Office/Back Office functionalities (comprising origination, processing, scheduling, logistics, delivery, settlements and real time accounting)

Moving forward with MINERVA©

According to Khai, customers will be able to streamline their business intelligence and financial management needs with MINERVA©, utilizing pricing, risk management, supply-chain management, financial control, and reporting functionalities within one solution.

“With our focus on the commodity sector, we aim to empower all the supply chain participants to operate on a greater level of efficiency and transparency,” he says in the press release.

As commodity industry participants become familiar with Satoshi Systems’ cloud-based ERP solution, they can be assured that Acumatica will be providing foundational support. This includes product development assistance along with pre-sales, implementation, and post-sales support.

Christian Lindberg, Acumatica’s VP Partner Solutions, weighs in on the new business management solution powered by Acumatica. “MINERVA’s© many best-in-class features coupled with the Acumatica technology and gold standard cloud-based ERP will ensure that MINERVA© becomes the go-to product for all commodity industry participants.”

He also feels the partnership between Satoshi Systems and Acumatica is a perfect example of Acumatica’s dedication to its global partners. “This demonstrates Acumatica’s commitment to work hand in hand with its OEM partners around the world as they deploy a specialized version of the Acumatica solution.”

And Acumatica CEO Jon Roskill praises the time and investment made by the Satoshi Systems team in the creation of this comprehensive solution. “It’s a huge achievement for both our companies. It marks an exciting foray for Acumatica into the heart of international physical commodities trading industry—a $4.5 trillion sector with relatively modest ERP penetration.”


For any questions about MINERVA©, becoming an Acumatica OEM Partner, or about Acumatica’s highly usable cloud ERP software, contact our experts at any time. We provide the best cloud-based business management solution for transforming and growing companies in the new digital economy.

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