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Mobile Computing: IT Distraction or Potential Competitive Advantage?

Jon Roskill | September 26, 2014

Internal IT departments and application software vendors both appear to be frantically working to integrate their application systems with the latest mobile technology, including smartphones, tablets, and other devices.

Internal IT departments, as well as IT solution vendors, must keep abreast of and even experiment with the latest technology innovations in order to provide value to their users or customer base. However, how new technology is deployed is critical to whether value is added to a particular process or whether competitive advantage is achieved. The adoption of new technology must improve existing processes or enhance the customer experience; otherwise, it’s just technology for the sake of technology.

Mobile technology can make it easier for customers to order products or services, check order status, and respond to inquiries. Facilitating such activities can support revenue growth or expansion of the customer base.

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Internally, mobile technology can allow employees to report new sales leads, respond to order inquiries, update project tasks or submit expense reports. All these activities can also support revenue growth, as well as provide up-to-the-minute feedback on business activities.

So then, what mobile technology and applications should be deployed? Why not let your cloud accounting software vendor decide? After all, you are in the business of supplying goods or services to your customers. They are in the business of developing and deploying information technology solutions. Utilizing your vendor’s native mobile connectivity technology not only relieves you of technology development and deployment activities but ensures that the value of the tight integration of your accounting system and related processes and the information they provide are not diminished.

First, focus on adopting technologies that will support revenue growth and employee productivity. Second, select a vendor whose product is already enabled to work seamlessly with any mobile device and whose underlying technology platform facilitates the development of applications. The product should interface with other applications that can enhance the customer experience and provide timely collection of information for decision-making.

Don’t be distracted; by choosing the right cloud accounting software vendor with the right platform you can deploy mobile technology that will provide competitive advantage.

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