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Not the Cheapest Cloud ERP, and We’re Fine With That

Jean Gea | April 24, 2014

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a competitive space, with new upstarts springing up from every corner of the world seemingly every day. Some people think to stay competitive in this atmosphere, you need to have lower prices than your competitors, no matter who those competitors are.

But is it fair to compare Acumatica, a product that was conceived and born in the cloud, to other aging, legacy ERP products retrofitted for the cloud? Is it even fair to compare Acumatica to SaaS-only ERP products who lock you in to escalating costs, limit your system performance, and hurt your ability to customize? Acumatica is not the cheapest cloud ERP on the market, and there are some good reasons why that’s the case.

Not the Cheapest Cloud ERP, and We're Fine With That

Usability: Acumatica is easy to use. Check out where we rank on usability compared to other ERP products in Nucleus Research’s ERP Value Matrix (hint: higher than a lot of our major competitors).

Powerful functionality: Some browser-based ERPs were never meant for serious business usage. You can’t tab to skip through fields. You can’t enter a page full of data just using your keyboard and favorite hotkeys. Power ERP users need that. Acumatica may run out of a web browser, but it was built for heavy data entry scenarios that actual users need. It feels like software you installed on your machine using a CD or running an EXE file, except it’s even better. It’s in the web browser.

Unlimited users: So many of our growing customers have explained how beneficial it is that Acumatica lets them scale without penalizing them with per-user license costs.

Fair pricing based on usage: We don’t believe in charging you for users, because limiting logins creates administrative headaches and hurts productivity. Everybody should be able to collaborate on their ERP.

Comprehensive suites: When you buy one of Acumatica’s product suites (Financials, CRM, Distribution, etc), that suite includes everything you would expect – so you don’t get nickel-and-dimed later.

Deployment options: Acumatica is the only cloud ERP that gives you all three options: SaaS, on-premises, or hosted. You can deploy on public or private cloud, buy or subscribe to the license, and host wherever you want.

Access from anywhere, on any device: It’s surprising how many “cloud ERPs” in the market were not built to operate in the cloud. With Acumatica, you access our system at a URL of your choice, from any web browser, anytime, anywhere, on any device. Depending on your role and access rights, you view and interact with parts of the ERP system that are relevant to you. BYOD is no problem.

Platform: This may not mean a lot to everybody, but if you are technical or have administered, implemented, or maintained an ERP system for your company, you appreciate this. Acumatica lets you customize everything. Some things are super easy, like creating new buttons for specific workflows; even non-technical users can do it. Some things require more expertise with .NET, the industry standard platform Acumatica is built on. Huge companies like MYOB and Visma have chosen Acumatica’s platform to build their future on. That’s testament to the substance that gets packed into what you pay for with Acumatica.

As you can see, Acumatica offers incredible value for what you pay. We’re certainly not the cheapest Cloud ERP out there, and that’s a good thing. Our customers count on us in building a strong foundation for their business, and we need to continue to deliver innovation so our customers can fully utilize their business potential.

Jean Gea

Former Director of Product Marketing at Acumatica

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