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Richard Duffy’s Tech Tips: Building Generic Inquiries With Acumatica

Richard Duffy | June 27, 2014

Acumatica was built to be intuitive and easy-to-use. However, there are lots of features that users might not be using to their full potential. Here’s how to create a generic inquiry, for example, generating a list of all the countries in Acumatica’s system to be used in Excel. Once you’ve mastered the simple steps, it’s easier to go on and do something more complex.

Generic Inquiries With Acumatica

1. Starting in your Acumatica dashboard, click on the “System” tab at the top. In the menu below, select “Customization.” Along the left-hand panel, you should see “Generic Inquiries” under the “Manage” drop-down. If not, please check with your system administrator.

2. Select “Generic Inquiries.” To start creating a brand-new one, click on the “+” sign (“Add Row”) in the row of icons above the fields. This allows you to add a new record. Next, add a title into the “Inquiry Title” field. For this example, I’ve chosen “Country List.”

Building Inquiries

3. You’ll next want to determine which tables contain the information you need. Under the “Table” section below, click the “+” sign to add a row. Use the magnifying glass in the field that appears to search your tables. You can either type in the search field or sort the list by “Full Name,” “Name,” or “Display Name.” Because I was looking for country information, I tested searching for the word “Country.” This yielded the result I was looking for. Once you’ve found it, select the appropriate table. If you want, you can give the table an “Alias” as well.

4. If you only have one table, you can skip the “Relations” tab and go straight on to “Parameters.” Here, you can use the “+” icon to add any additional parameters for selecting the records you want. Similarly, the next tabs, “Conditions,” “Grouping,” and “Sort Order” give you different ways to limit and display your results.

Acumatica Generic Inquiries

5. In the “Results Grid,” you’ll limit which fields in the table you’ll be using. The “+” symbol will let you add an object, and you’ll select the table or tables you chose earlier. In this case, that’s “Country.” Under the “Data Field” drop down to the right, select the data field you want to pull from. For this example, “CountryID” will give me the information I’m looking for, whereas the date the record was created wouldn’t be useful. In the next tab, “Schema Field,” I’m again going to choose “CountryID.” If you prefer, you can set the pixel width for the rendered results.

6. Again, I’m going to click the “+” symbol to add another field. It’s going to come from the “Country” table again. This time, I’ll add “Description.” For the “Schema Field,” I’ll add “Country Description.”

Building Generic Inquiries With Acumatica

7. Click “Save,” or the disk icon towards the top of the screen.

8. To view the results, click “View Inquiry,” to the right of the “Save” icon.

Generic Inquiries With Acumatica

9. Now you’ll see a list of your results.

10. If you click on the results, you’ll see they’re automatically linked to the underlying table information and it will bring you to the data entry screen, where you can view extra information.

Richard Duffy's Tech Tips: Building Generic Inquiries With Acumatica

11. Next, I want to publish my data under the “Organization Structure” tab, which is found under the “Organization” tab at the top. Under the “Site Map Location” field, I select “Organization Structure.” I put it in the “Work Area,” in the “Manage” area.

Generic Inquiries With Acumatica

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