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What Developers Have to Say – xkzero Founder & CTO

Mark Franks | August 8, 2018

This is the last of the video interviews at our last summit in Nashville, I sat down with developers, software architects, and CTOs from a number of our ISV partners attending the conference and had them reflect on their development experiences.  These videos are roughly 10 minutes in length or less.  This is the second year in which I have reached out to our ISV partners to share with you their experiences.  Thus, we have a new mix ISVs, giving a fresh perspective from across different industries.

This is the second of two interviews with xkzero. In the first video we had Glenn Patterson, Lead Developer give us his perspective working with our platform. In the second interview, we have have Emra Karaca, one of their Founders & and current CTO provide his perspective.

To view other videos where developers give their perspective on the platform, click on the Partner tab after clicking here.

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