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Why ISVs Should Choose the Acumatica Platform: A Guidebook by Nucleus Research

Ajoy Krishnamoorthy | November 5, 2015

Technology is changing — fast. The proliferation of devices and accelerated adoption of cloud technologies has changed the landscape for line of business applications. This trend has presented both opportunities and challenges for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs).

Due to the speed and the constantly changing landscape, independent software vendors (ISVs) are at a crossroads. Many are supporting customers on aging business application platforms that aren’t able to help them stay competitive in today’s marketplace. They are also limiting aggressive growth—sometimes even preventing it.

Why ISVs Should Choose the Acumatica Platform: A Guidebook by Nucleus Research

In light of this, ISVs have a few options:

  • Struggle through maintaining and updating the application, using the technology they currently have.
  • Try to build the new application from the ground up without using a framework or modern platform.
  • Move their efforts (and their customers) to an already-established, modern platform that can meet all of their needs.

With the latter being the obvious choice, how do ISVs choose the right business application platform? There are many emerging platforms on the market, but the best platform is one that allows for flexibility, has outstanding technology, and provides a program that will work alongside you every step of the way.

The answer is found in a brand new Guidebook by Nucleus Research, the only provider of case-based technology research. It focuses on Acumatica’s cloud application platform, specifically the benefits the platform brings to ISVs. Backed by testimonials from satisfied partners, the guidebook showcases the research that proves Acumatica’s platform is the best ERP option on the market today for ISVs.

In analyzing the experiences of Acumatica customers and partners, Nucleus found the Acumatica cloud application platform offered an attractive business model for growth both from a technical and financial perspective. Key benefits of delivering business solutions on the Acumatica cloud application platform include accelerated time to market, lower developer cost, and flexibility for growth.” – Nucleus Research.

Partner Benefits for ISVs


Acumatica supports both public and private cloud deployments and offers multi-tenant and single-tenant options. This allows the platform to meet an ISV’s delivery requirements, as well as lets their customer choose the model that fits their needs.

ISVs have the option to white-label or integrate with Acumatica ERP modules giving them much needed flexibility. Companies can use the Acumatica cloud platform as a framework and plugin their existing assets. This allows for a far shorter time to market for a product as time and resources are not spent building an in-house solution or re-working existing assets.

A lot had to do with the underlying platform, how easy it was to write and rewrite applications on it. The deployment method didn’t matter on Acumatica; you can do any hosting you want.” – Acumatica Partner


Acumatica provides a solid framework for ISVs. Gone are the days where navigating a clunky interfaces sucks up man-hours. Instead, that time can be put towards improving their own product, since Acumatica has already taken care of simplifying development and security.

Acumatica has write-once, deploy-anywhere capabilities that work across different web browsers and mobile devices. The solution enables partners with .NET experience to meet customer needs by building out vertical solutions quickly.

The underlying technology is unique … the ability to have the reporting and security built-in and no other third party goofball utilities makes it run super clean. Efficient technology is a strong argument in the sales process.” – Acumatica Partner

Developer Network Program

Acumatica is committed to being more than just a platform that ISVs use; we aim to be a true, holistic partner. This is showcased by the Acumatica Developer Network, which empowers developers and software companies to get their solution to SaaS, fast. ADN offers partners many benefits including architecture design sessions, a dedicated technical account manager, monthly developer standup sessions, training resources, and internal use rights of Acumatica ERP among others.

Acumatica University is also a place where ISVs can get online training on a range of topics. There are also online help forums and dedicated Technical Account Managers to give guidance whenever needed.

Some of the things that we are able to do with their product and platform would have taken a year in prior lives and now takes a month.” – Acumatica Partner


Nucleus Research has shown how flexibility, leading technology, and true partnership in a Developer Network Program can make a world of difference for ISVs in their competitive field. The corresponding results of speed to market, better profitability, and reduced costs resulted in Nucleus Research stating that “Acumatica is an attractive choice for ISVs seeking to build or grow their business with a modern foundation for both cloud and on-premise deployments”.

For a more detailed look at what Nucleus Research found, get the full Guidebook here .

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