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Why PC Bennett Chose to Become An Exclusive Acumatica Partner

Patricia Bennett | June 14, 2016

PC Bennett Solutions has been in business since 2002. Initially we started out as an exclusive partner for Microsoft Dynamics and very quickly grew to an 11 person company. By 2011, while we had over 100 Dynamics customers, our revenue was declining and sales had started to go down. We were then introduced to Acumatica. It was a complete breath of fresh air: new technology, clean UI and full of features that, if we were using Dynamics, would have required additional third party products. In 2012 we got our first sale, and our Acumatica practice took off. It was exciting and filled with opportunities. The software was amazing and doing business with Acumatica was like night and day in comparison to what we had gone through in the last few years with Microsoft.

Since 2008, Microsoft had been working on consolidating the amount of partners they did business with and were constantly making it more difficult to work with them. For years we had been a managed Gold Partner at Microsoft, but our relationship with our account manager was ended. It felt that while Microsoft was trying to get rid of us, Acumatica was welcoming us with open arms.

Why PC Bennett Chose to Become An Exclusive Acumatica Partner

Doing business with Acumatica was a complete pleasure. They were open to communication and willing to help us get started. PC Bennett Solutions was one of the first partners for Acumatica and we’re super proud to say that we have been at every Acumatica partner summit that has ever been held. More than anything, we’ve felt appreciated and that what we brought to the table had value.

Once we switched to Acumatica, our revenue quickly started coming back up and our employees were excited about the new product. We were having a hard time working on the old technology when needed and it seemed that everything about Acumatica was positive and exciting and everything about our old product was “a downer”.

When we saw how the revenues were going up for Acumatica and how much time our Dynamics practice was taking away from working with Acumatica, we started thinking about selling our Microsoft practice. It was a very hard decision as most of our customers had been with us for years. The thought of selling the Microsoft practice was almost like the thought of selling your friends. At the same time, it was getting harder and harder to work with the old product. The lack of enthusiasm made it so we felt we were not giving our customers the 100% they were used to. We had to pull the plug and sell them for their own benefit. Our first attempt failed, we could not do it, but 6 months later we were for sale again and this time we had four bidders. We didn’t choose the best financial offer, rather we took the offer we felt was best for our customers.

Once the sale of the Microsoft practice was finalized, we really had to get to work! We now had as many Acumatica customers as we had employees, and failure was not an option. With the negative energy gone from the equation, it was all positive and the only way to move was forward. Our Microsoft practice was sold in August of 2014 and that year we were awarded one of the “Eastside’s 50 Fastest Growing Private Companies” in Washington state. In 2015 we not only made the “Eastside’s 50 Fastest Growing Private Companies” again, but we also made one of the “100 Fastest Growing Companies” in the state.

Acumatica has made it possible for us to have exponential growth year after year and we couldn’t be more grateful to work with their team and deliver their platform to our customers. After we made the switch, we’ve never looked back!

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