Acumatica Human Resources Management

Streamline interactions between employees, managers, and administrators.

How Human Resource Management Can Work for You

Acumatica’s human resources management system, developed by InfinityHR, provides comprehensive HR functions for companies to manage, maintain, communicate, and automate employee and company-wide data. Actions are performed in real time and without the need for duplicate data entry. HR functions include Applicant Tracking, ACA Compliance, Benefit Management, Time and Attendance, Employee Self-Service, Performance Management, Workflow Management and Reports.

InfinityHR Overview

Key Benefits of Human Resource Management for your Company

  • Anywhere, anytime access

    HR Where You Are. Offer self-service portals for employees, managers, and administrators tailored to meet the specific needs of the user. Access HR services anytime, anywhere, from any popular browser.

  • Multiple permission levels

    Grant permissions by role, so employees, managers, and administrators can access only the areas relevant to them.

  • Integration with external platforms

    Integrate with third-party vendors and technology platforms, such as external benefit carriers, for complete flexibility for your company.

  • Reporting compliance

    Robust reporting includes ACA compliance, 200+ standard reports, a custom report writer, and electronic delivery of benefit data to carriers.

  • Reduced administrative costs

    Reduce staff costs through automation and employee self-service portals.

Important Features of Human Resources Management

  • Applicant Tracking

    Acquire, Keep, Manage & Grow Talent. Manage and automate the entire applicant and talent acquisition process. Create job requisitions and customized job-specific questions. Includes an out-of-the-box recruiting portal which can be easily linked to an organization’s existing website or from most external job boards.

  • Employment Screenings and Solutions

    Perform background screening services and manage your staffing needs throughout the hiring process. Included are the capabilities to perform background checks, acquire detailed feedback from previous employers and supervisors, and include drug testing with paper or electronic chains of custody (optional).

  • Employee Self-Service

    Provide a convenient online portal for employees to manage their benefits and other HR-related information. Employees can compare and select benefit options, download a benefit summary statement, and enter demographic information, including emergency contacts, direct deposit information, and tax information.

  • Benefits Management

    Enrollment, Management & Connections. Automate benefits selection and processes, apply deductions for each employee, and allow employees to access and select benefits options through a self-service portal. Employees can compare plan options and costs prior to enrollment.

  • Open Enrollment Packages

    Configure and deploy your Open Enrollment effectively, including rollover and delivery of EDI files.

  • Employee Surveys

    Create customizable employee surveys that include anonymous submission and scored assessments.

  • Time Off Tracking

    Automatically calculate available Time Off for each employee, whether accrued or awarded annually. Employees can request time off through the Employee Portal. Managers can view requests and take appropriate action.

  • Workflow Management

    Standardize and streamline processes by automating workflows. Track tasks as they progress from employee to employee. Optionally add the ability to use prefilled forms and digital signatures for your documents

  • Performance Management

    Record job descriptions, employee training, and annual reviews in one convenient location. Employees and Managers complete performance reviews directly through the Employee Portal. Track training and certification programs with an automated renewal process and identify trends in employee behaviors and performance.

  • Advanced Reporting

    Access a library of reports exportable to PDF or MS Excel formats, including HIPAA, IRS, and ACA compliant reports.

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