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Acumatica Launches End-to-End Cloud Retail Solution at 2014 NRF Retail’s Big Show

January 8, 2014

Kirkland, WA, January 8, 2014 — Acumatica, a leader in Cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions for small and medium-sized companies, will launch its end-to-end Cloud retail solution at the upcoming National Retail Federation “Retail’s Big Show” on January 13 in New York City.

The Acumatica Retail Management Solution is a complete system for retailers that combine Magento eCommerce and Point of Sale technology built on the Acumatica platform. Acumatica partners Intuitive TEK, CurveCommerce, and FusionRMS will showcase the solution at the event.

CurveCommerce offers the Magento eCommerce suite which serves as a Website platform that provides online merchant services, while FusionRMS’s Point of Sale retail solution allows businesses to integrate multiple transactions seamlessly.

Doug Hollenback, President of Intuitive TEK, said: “We’re excited to formally launch Acumatica’s Retail Management Solution at the NRF 103rd Annual Convention and Expo in New York City on January 13. This is the largest retail show in the world with over 27,000 attendees and all of Acumatica’s competition who highlight their own retail solutions will be there as well. This says a lot for Acumatica’s expansion and maturity in the product and the industry.

“Our Acumatica Retail Solution is a robust and fully-integrated solution with retail and eCommerce and provides a strong challenge to the other ERP cloud vendors. We’re expecting a lot of excitement and traction around this launch.”

The National Retail Federation, based in Washington DC, is the world’s largest retail trade association that advances the industry through professional seminars and trade conferences. Every year it hosts “Retail’s Big Show,” named for the industry’s largest gathering of retailers and vendors.

Christian Lindberg, Acumatica’s VP of Partners and Solutions, said: “Getting our brand in front of thousands of potential customers and partners at Retail’s Big Show is a great way to launch this new retail solution. Together with our retail partners Intuitive TEK, CurveCommerce, and FusionRMS, we’re excited to see the Acumatica brand showcased at such a well-known event. For the first time ever, our retail customers will have an end-to-end Cloud solution that covers their brick-and-mortar stores to their online needs.”

He added: “The Acumatica Retail Management Solution is proof of how far our platform has come. We have the most modern, customizable technology in the marketplace that is ideal for addressing vertical needs as more and more businesses move to the Cloud.”

About Acumatica

Founded in 2008, Acumatica is the fastest-growing provider of highly customizable, cloud-based ERP applications for small and midsized businesses, offering financial management, distribution, CRM, and project accounting suites. Acumatica Cloud Platform, the company’s technology development platform, gives ISVs and OEMs a rapid, cost-effective means of developing and integrating cloud-based apps, using industry-standard tools. The privately-held company’s products are delivered through a global channel-partner network of VARs, ISVs, and OEMs. Headquartered in Kirkland, WA, Acumatica maintains offices in Washington DC, Moscow, and Singapore. Acumatica has affiliate offices in Indonesia and Mexico. Acumatica is sold through resellers in the US, Canada, UK, Africa, the Middle East, India and various countries in Southeast Asia. In the Nordic countries and the Netherlands, Acumatica is sold as part of Visma.net; and in Australia and New Zealand, Acumatica is sold under MYOB’s brand name.

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