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Acumatica Named to the 2012 SaaS Top 250 Companies List

December 5, 2012

Kirkland, WA, December 5, 2012 – Acumatica, a leading global provider of cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and financial software, today announced it has been recognized as a member of the 2012 global SaaS Top 250 company listing by Montclair Advisors.

“Acumatica is pleased to be named a member of the SaaS Top 250 Companies for 2012,” said Ezequiel Steiner, CEO of Acumatica. “Unlike traditional ERP solutions, Acumatica gives organizations unparalleled adaptability, from choice of deployment, to licensing, to integration and customization choices. Businesses that use Acumatica can work from anywhere, on any device, at any time, and can involve everyone. Unlike SaaS-only solutions or legacy ERP software, Acumatica allows customers to securely control the location and ownership of their data, and the timing of their software upgrades,” added Steiner.

The SaaS Top 250 debuted in 2010 and has become very popular with software executives, investors and analysts. It provides a comprehensive view of the leading companies that make up this dynamic Cloud-based software market. Companies that are selected for this list are leaders in the pure and hybrid SaaS categories globally. The list is comprised of start-ups as well as notable public SaaS firms such as Salesforce.com, Cisco, and IBM.

“We are pleased to recognize Acumatica as a 2012 SaaS Top 250 Company,” said Kevin Dobbs, Managing Partner at Montclair Advisors. “As one of the fastest growing SaaS companies globally, Acumatica has demonstrated excellence in innovation, growth and entrepreneurship. The growth of Acumatica’s SaaS business over the past few years has been truly impressive.”

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